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4 Ways To Increase Life Of Your Ink Cartridge

Do you print multiple pages on a regular basis? Then you might find it frustrating to spend money on replacing ink cartridges. By taking some simple steps, you can attempt to increase and extend the life of your printer ink cartridge. Firstly, make sure you buy an ink cartridge that is branded, original and of good quality. Shop from Toner City – Epson Ink Cartridges to ensure using original and quality cartridges. Let us now discuss some of the major ways to increase the life of your printer ink cartridge.

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1. Avoid Printing Dark:

In the documents you want to print, you shall avoid the fonts that are too bold and dark. Instead, it is suggested to use fonts that are light and thin. It will use a lesser amount of ink and hance will increase the life of your printer ink cartridge. Doing this might not sound helpful but it does make an impact when you are printing multiple copies on a regular basis. Apart from that, you shall also avoid printing documents that have dark images. It takes a lot of ink for a printer to print these images. The life of your printer ink cartridge will decrease if you keep printing these dark images.

2. Check Before Printing:

Do not take your personal printer for granted! Taking rough and test prints without checking the content on the screen can waste ink as well as paper. To save the same, you shall check all the content on your computer before printing it. The amount of waste ink you generate will decrease if you maintain this habit. Make sure the print you get is final and does not require any further changes. This will not only be financially beneficial but will also make a positive impact on the atmosphere.

3. Clean Nozzles:

If you have not cleaned your printer for a long time, then dust particles might cover printer ink cartridges. This may require a greater amount of ink to print a particular document. To avoid the same, it is suggested to clean your printer on a regular basis. Periodically, you must also clean the ink cartridge and check for any blockage at the nozzle. Take a dry piece of cloth and remove dust particles from that part of the printer. If you use a clean and dust-free printer, you will observe an increased life of your printer ink cartridge.

4. Use an Original Ink Cartridge:

Using original as well as branded ink cartridges will help you get the best prints. Along with it, its technology will contribute in increase the life of the same. The quality of ink and its internal parts are manufactured to be effective and the best. On the other hand, a duplicate printer ink cartridge will not last for too long and will just give you a few prints. Therefore, to make your prints cost-effective and to increase the life span of your printer ink cartridge, you shall consider using an original one.

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