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4 Digital Marketing Strategies That Still Work in 2019

Digital Marketing Strategies That Still Work in 2019

No matter what size or shape your business is, digital marketing is an incredibly tough nut to crack. There are countless blogs, guides, and gurus promising you that there is a sure-fire way to guarantee those clicks will turn into conversions, but it is often the classic techniques that work the best.

With Google algorithms, Facebook ad terms, and social media optimization constantly in flux, it’s good to know which tried-and-tested methods will always allow you to engage your target audience. Read on to find out the four key digital marketing strategies which still work in 2019.


Consistency will never be out of style. Whatever your digital marketing strategy, you need to incoproate consistency into it. This is especially true if you are trying to earn a readership for your content. Your readers need to know when and where they can find your content. While posting daily would be ideal, most companies settle for a weekly update. Whatever you do, a content calendar – such as the one provided at – is a great way to keep everything on message and on time.

Video is Still King

The last five years have been defined by the significant pivot towards video marketing that almost every major company has undergone. Video marketing has been shown to attract significantly better engagement according to, with viewers spending much more time viewing such content that they would with image or text. Most importantly, video content is the number one way for businesses to build relationships with their customers and engage with them directly. If you want to be remembered by your target audience, video is still king.

Email Automation Works

There was a brief time a couple of years ago when the ad industry was predicting the inevitable death of email marketing. However, according to, it remains more popular than ever, and for good reason. Email automation technology has developed to the point where business can send curated, personalised email newsletters and content to subscribers, using user data and algorithms to automate the process and ensure the content strikes a chord with the recipient. Countless successful businesses consider email automation a cornerstone of their marketing strategy – so you should too.

Digital Marketing Strategies That Still Work

Reward Loyalty

Just like with any bricks-and-mortar business, the best way to attract new customers is to reward loyal ones. Digital businesses are becoming adept at offering their customers generous bonuses and gifts in exchange for their loyal custom. You don’t need to offer them the world, but it helps to offer free services and special bonuses to new subscribers and members. For example, a look at the online gaming comparison platform reveals how all of the top digital casinos use a range of bonuses to reel in customers, such as free spins on the slot titles and matched deposit offers for table games. These simple but highly effective digital marketing strategies are key to growth.

Data is Your Strongest Weapon

You’re only as effective as the data you have to work with. If you aren’t constantly using platforms such as to see which of your digital marketing tools are getting the most traction, there’s no way you can compile a working strategy. Your data will allow you to better understand your customers in order to tailor your message and learn which mediums are best for connecting with them. You can also use data from other sites to keep an eye on the competition and see where you could be improving. Digital marketing trends come and go, but how you use the data you have will always be a key part of effective engagement.

Digital marketing is an ever-changing field. Ignore the fads and stick to these methods to ensure your business thrives in 2019.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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