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Email Marketing and SEO Optimization: A New Side to Business Marketing

Social marketing strategy mostly revolves around having a social media account and a strong online presence. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. After all, in today’s fast pacing technologically advanced world a strong presence through social media is essential in building your brand. But just being on social won’t be sufficient of course. If a potential consumer can’t find your products or services online through search engine then your business faces an apparent loss by losing out on potential customers In fact, most businesses ramp up their marketing and SEO efforts as soon as their proof of concept is ready.

Now being found on search engines namely search engine giants like Google and that too in an organic way is the best way to attract and keep customer interest and trust in the brand. Moreover, to do this; a website is needed for search engine optimization or SEO and contents that will add value to the consumer or visitor.  A good SEO Agency will ensure that your product or business or services or whatever it is you are selling turns up at the top of each search.

SEO Optimization

A guide to SEO

SEO is the techniques by which one can improve the position of their website on a search engine. With proper SEO you can be assured that your product will be put on the top search page for a particular topic related to your business.

Now SEO work may sound easy, but it is anything but easy. The tedious task of involving numerous numbers of active and off-page factors can be a subject of a nightmare for many. After all, the target is to improve the customer is over all experience on your business website.

High-end SEO is important

For small business marketing having a good SEO ‘combined with email marketing and putting up a good online brand value is an excellent way to increase business growth and draw in potentially new customers as the internet is open to all.

In today’s digitally upgraded market, digital marketing search optimization is not an option anymore but rather a necessity, especially for small businesses. If you have a small business and you are not well aware of SEO or don’t put your online brand value to customers properly, then you are sure to lose out on much business in the process and lose out to competition.

It is estimated that approx. 97% of modern day consumers search their products online and almost as much as 50% of business sale lose out because people cannot find them either because they are not available online or that they have poor SEO and do not appear on the top search page.

How to use SEO?

To use SEO effectively, you need to understand that search engine algorithm is a very complex process, and there is no sure fire way to crack it and search giants like Google keeps changing their algorithm from time to time. However, to understand it will help you use it to your advantage. Firstly Meta tag descriptions are no longer valid for ensuring a higher rank in search engine for your website. The fact remains that social media biggies like Google and Bing no longer index Meta tag description like the old days. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore it though.

Meta tags

The Meta tags are supposed to be there as texts that will be shown along with the link to the search results. Also, a well-written description is more compelling and convincing to the visitor and will eventually result in a click. Secondly, numbers of inbound links no longer affect the search results. Ever since Google has updated its algorithm process, it gives more priority to quality over quantity. Adding thousands of lower quality links will not do you any good anymore. Also page rank and keyword preference are no longer of utmost priority. These methods may be used to effect in the past, but with the all new updatesdoes notit is important that you focus on the quality of keywords and not just the numbers.

Choosing the right SEO professional for your small business

To do marketing for your small business also means that you have lesser revenue, resources than big companies and so you have to tread very carefully while choosing the correct SEO professional for your business. Now all search engines were not made equal however,and if a search engine itself does not show up on the top search a then it, reflects poorly on them. cannot is how you judge and choose the correct SEO partner for you. Also always go through the clientele history of the company and their portfolio. Moreover, always try to avoid businesses that guarantee you a top position in the search engine and that they have magically cracked the Google algorithm which is just not possible. SEO is a complicated process and with search engines like Google changing it more often than not, better be careful about what the companies promise you and choose wisely.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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