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4 Best Studying Apps for Students and Teachers

Studying Apps for Students and Teachers

Today, the technique of studying has changed. Studying is no longer related to pen and paper, but to technology like mobile and online applications. Students can now learn in both and out of the classrooms. There are ubiquitous platforms like Gmail, Skype and Gchat that have transformed from personal tools to practical channels to complete academic work successfully.

Use of technology is common in any Brooklyn private school today. Technology and use of Apps have made learning process fast and fun. Use of a virtual whiteboard is something that has become increasingly common among teachers and students. Using the virtual whiteboard, students can access notes from wherever they are.

Hard copies of textbooks are slowly decreasing the number of uses, and most students have chosen to use electronic textbooks. Not only does this save parents on the costs of purchasing new textbooks but it saves the students from carrying heavy backpacks all day. Also, we cannot forget about online courses readily available for anyone who wants to learn. Some do not give you a degree upon completion but help the students to learn something new. At least they can help you to learn something new in the comfort of your home!

Learning apps have changed the learning process in many private schools like Muse Academy in Brooklyn. Here are the most common apps that are changing the learning process in our schools today.


FlowVella –previously known as Flowboard is a presentation software that is designed for any available audience. This app is designed for iPad, and it is a learning platform that is easy to learn and use. The app lets students customize the boards in any way they feel like. They can add words, photos, links and videos for them to review later.

When getting started, students can use different templates and can also remix the previous boards. Students or teachers can view and share the boards everywhere they want – social media, mobile, email and many more channels. The boards can also be printed as PDF files.

Studying Apps for Students and Teachers1

Me Studying

Me studying App is a smartphone app that can be used by students anywhere from riding on the school bus to school break time. Students can use this app to study during their casual free time.  The app gives the opportunity to create online study groups with their friends or other students.

This online learning library encompasses everything from math topics to biology and history topics. The app is constantly updated with many general topics as well as advanced placement subjects. Additionally, the app lets students answer questions and quizzes while still in study mode. It later gives feedback on the quizzes, and this makes the students with additional studies.

With this smartphone app, the traditional advice of ‘sit in a quiet classroom and feet on the floor’ is a long gone case. Today, students have overextended schedule and need to study on the go and between classes. MeStudying app is a perfect app for this kind of environment because it grabs the students casual moments and transforms it into study time.


The Testive app is designed for busy students who need to prepare themselves for a big test. The app has over 1500 adaptive practice questions, one free live weekly class and a community of teachers and coaches. The students can be an assigned a couch or a teacher to keep their studies back on track.

The app uses logarithms that help target the student’s right areas and direct them to practice to right level of difficulty. This app makes sure that students do not feel comfortable answering simple questions- that won’t help them improve. Also, it ensures that students do not tackle too difficult questions that do not help in making progress. In short, the app helps the students to be at the right level of learning depending on their learning abilities. Students and parents can enjoy using this app free of charge

Studying Apps for Students and Teachers


TechSmith is an awesome app that helps students to create custom, reusable images and videos. This app is used both used in workplaces and education setups. Teachers and coaches can use this app in their classroom to increase student engagement. It can help teachers to transform their teaching techniques. Using this app can help them become more efficient, thorough and confident with their teaching styles.

TechSmith is not only beneficial to teachers but also to students to rewind note and lessons when studying. It allows students to learn at their own pace. They can stop, rewind and start when they need to do so. The students can at any time rewind study material when they feel like they need a point clarified. It is surprising how many students have adopted the technology. With TechSmith app, students can record any session in a classroom for them to review later or when needed.

Have you interacted with any of the apps above? If not, trying any one of them is worth trying. They will make you learn in a fun way!

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