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3 Tips for Getting People to Download Your App

If you thought that once your app is live on a digital store that all you’ll need to do is sit back and watch the downloads roll in, think again. The truth is that you will need to actively encourage people to download your app to ensure you see a return on your investment.

3 Tips for Getting People to Download Your App

For app developers and designers, this can often be the hardest step. It requires a transition from technical development to marketing, which is often driven by psychology rather than technology, and can prove to be a serious barrier that prevents many apps from being truly successful. If your app is struggling to climb the charts, we’ve put together a guide to help you out. Check it out below.

Get a Head Start

When an app first appears on a platform like the App Store or the Play Store, it will often be right at the bottom of the pecking order and will need to compete with long-established and well-known apps.

One of the best ways to ensure your app does not get lost in these vulnerable early stages is to get a head start. Choosing to buy iOS app installs can give your app the boost it needs to cement a place in the charts and avoid being driven down further into obscurity. The more downloads your app has, the higher it will climb. This will allow more users to notice your app and will promote further downloads, which will push your app even further up the charts.

Use App Store Optimization

App stores don’t just use installs to rank the apps they sell; they will also look at a number of different factors that developers must be aware of.

App store optimization (ASO) is the process through which developers can tailor their app and download pages to attract attention from the store’s ranking algorithm, which will see the app pushed up higher in search results and recommended to more users.

It works in a similar fashion to search engine optimization that is commonplace throughout the digital marketing industry. Developers must use things like the correct titles and keywords, link building, the correct URLs, and good ratings to ensure their app is performing well in store search results.

 Use Social Media

Social media changed the marketing and advertising world forever. Now, businesses and companies have several routes through which they can implement highly effective marketing strategies that can offer impressive results for next-to-no cost.

Using social media is one of the most effective ways to get more people downloading your app. Establish a consistent presence across all of the major platforms and post a range of content including images, videos, and articles to raise awareness of your app and encourage more people to check it out.


Developing and designing an app is one thing, getting people to download it is another. No matter how incredible or ground-breaking your app is, people won’t download it if they don’t know about it. Use this guide and ensure your app is getting the downloads it deserves.

John Paul
John Paul
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