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3 Smartwatch Top Picks on

Choosing the best smartwatch is a little bit complicated to do due to several products available in the market. Mens Bro is a portal which can help you to decide the best from style, sport, fashion, and including gadget. Here, you can check the smartwatch top picks on

Smartwatch on

Apple Watch 7000 Series

You may go with the Apple Watch 7000 Series because of its stylish case and design. The aluminum and white band make this smartwatch perfect for sporty men. The other reason is related to its technology and features. This gadget keeps you connect to your beloved iPhone by giving a notification alert. It is okay to wear this gadget in sweat, especially for sporty men but never put it in water. The best part is on the Force Touch and Siri in which you can focus on achieving your workout goals with the heart rate sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope without losing any important notifications from your iPhone. The things you need to remember that Apple Watch 7000 Series is not a waterproof product so it is not a good option for swimmers. Moreover, some features will be useless if you don’t have an iPhone.

Fitbit Charge 2 Wristband

Finding out your workout achievement is an important thing to do. You have to do it right away and in real time. Fitbit knows your need and this manufacturer launches a smart watch known as Fitbit Charge 2 Wristband. This smartwatch is included on the top picks on because of its stylish design and function. For instance, you can easily track your heart rate while working out with the help of Purepulse feature. Moreover, you are able to check your achievement even if you are not in your workouts such as the calorie burned, steps taken, floor climbed, and many more. The display is cool along with the OLED technology. The interesting part is on the battery life in which you can use the gadget for a few days and just wait for less than an hour to recharge the battery. It is a flexible smartwatch which compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows operating system. It seems that the band looks thicker but it is still a great product to wear.

Samsung Gear S3

Samsung is a popular brand for a variety of gadgets including a smartwatch. To meet the needs of their customers, this brand comes with Samsung Gear S3. People love this smartwatch due to its great design along with silicone and steel material. This gadget is also easy to use because you just need to rotate the watch to see apps and notifications you want to know. The best part is on the military testing used to make it durable. Because of this testing method, Samsung Gear S3 is strong enough against extreme temperature, water, dust, dropping, shock, low pressure, and high altitude. The Bluetooth feature helps you to keep connected with your devices such as your Apple or Android gadgets. It seems that Samsung needs to consider the size which is too big and the voice command which might not accurate.

In conclusion, the best smartwatch needs to have a great and stylish design along with complete features including features to support men’s health. You may check the complete smartwatch top picks on

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