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3 Principles For Creating A Good Website Design

You need several people expert in different fields to make good website design. There all put their efforts together to make the design more appealing and to make a critical decision. Everybody has a website these days and the web is crowded with new websites daily. While reading this article, new websites are adding to the world-wide-web. In this article, we will share some principles to create a visually appealing website design. If you are looking for a website design Singapore? Then the media one marketing is a great company to provide the best website designs in Singapore. The 3 principles are as follows:

3 Principles For Creating A Good Website Design

Design Should Be Simple

One of the important key principles is the simplicity of the design. The design should be simple so the visitor can easily browse the website. A complex design with so many elements can distract the visitor. It can lead to distracting from the main purpose of the website. Simple is more effective than having a complex web page design. It should be fresh and clean to make it more appealing and also helps the visitor to navigate from one page to another. If a website is not able to serve its main purpose then it is the failure of the design. You should focus on making it appealing and user-friendly for the visitor of the website.

Consistency in Website Design

It does matter a lot because the design should match all the elements throughout the website. Do not use different combinations of fonts, buttons, sizes, headings, styles, and sub-headings on the website. It is always better to plan what fonts and colors are right for the website. When you decide, stick with that plan throughout the development process.


After all, the visitors are browsing your website for getting information. If the text on your website is not easily readable then your website will lose its purpose. Moreover, the readability is also a factor in search engine optimization. That is why; focus on keeping your typography visually readable and appealing to the visitors. The best way to do it is by using fonts that are easy to read. You do not need to use fancy fonts for the text that is difficult to read.


The traffic on the website from mobile devices is increasing every year. Every third person has a mobile phone in the pocket. People are using their smartphones to browse the web more instead of a laptop or a PC. Google and other search engines require that your website is mobile-friendly. The design should be responsive and adaptive for various screens.

Loading Speed

One of the factors that can affect your SEO is the loading speed of the website. Using too many elements in the design will increase its size and need more time to load completely. You can eliminate such things by using central CSS and JavaScript file to reduce HTTP requests. Moreover, try to optimize the images by reducing their sizes.

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