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3 Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Your Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Ultrasonic thickness gauging is the most extensively applied non-destructive technique when measuring a material’s thickness from one angle. The process is versatile, fast, and reliable, with you only accessing your test piece from the specific side. The microprocessor technology advancements have resulted in newer performance levels in today’s easy-to-use but sophisticated tools. Before selecting your ultrasonic thickness gauge, you must think through several factors. Conversely, whether this is your first purchase for such equipment necessitate you familiarize yourself with what is obvious and equally worth in this competitive market.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

1. Accuracy

Multiple factors influence the accuracy of the measurements given by some devices, such as proper calibration, uniformity, sound scattering, and surface roughness. The ultrasonic thickness gauge market has become extremely competitive, with different manufacturers coming up each day. Precision is a key thing to consider since proper calibration means measurements will often be accurately made. You can determine this accuracy level through the reference standards. In general, the costs might be low or reach up to your budget with alterations in the embedded software. When a manufacturer alters a product’s features to meet specific needs, some function capabilities may be compromised. 

2. Material

When selecting your gauge, you must keep in mind the thickness and material range to be measured. Most common engineering materials, such as glass, metals, and ceramics, are efficient ultrasound transmitters. That convenience means you will easily measure such aspects across a wider range of thicknesses. Plastics usually absorb such forms of energy very quickly, thereby have a limited thickness range. Importantly, you must list and kow what you will be testing in your manufacturing situations for easy measurement and high penetration. Additionally, your operations will not be tiring if you note your desirable accuracy when taking your readings. If the material requires fluid to be applied, it would be easier to identify the most suitable type for use with high-frequency waves. 

3. Size And Weight

When contemplating the best gauge model to buy, you must consider its size and weight. First of all, you should check whether your storage space is sufficient for the size you have been looking for or have selected. Some manufacturers make portable and compact ultrasonic thickness gauges that can fit in your pocket. Such types also make use of AA-sized batteries that are known to be extremely handy. Conversely, other gauges are larger due to their batteries. If you want a long-lasting battery that utilizes the most recent lithium-ion equipment, then the likelihoods that you will get a much larger unit are high. Moreover, it would help to think through how easy you will find it in servicing your most considered unit. That would involve keeping in mind your reputation in the industry and its place of manufacture.


Before choosing and purchasing your preferred ultrasonic thickness gauge, you must determine what you seek to do and not do. Of course, the market provides a wider array of similar products, but not all will meet your industrial requirements. In most cases of ultrasonic gaging use, your choice will be determined by the material you will be measuring, accuracy requirements, thickness range, and other present special conditions. So pick a device that guarantees the quality you need. Without accommodating all your conditions, normally, even achieving the simplest setup changes in your instrument will give inaccurate readings.

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