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12 Must-Have Features for Your E-Commerce Mobile App in 2019

The market of eCommerce apps is gaining much popularity. The main reason behind this is the substantial rise in mobile eCommerce. Everyone wishes to get things done with just one click. People prefer buying products online with one-click easy payment options. The Smartphones and smart apps have left everybody smitten by their influence.

A recent survey shows about 80% shoppers use their Smartphones to check online product reviews. More than 62% of the Smartphone users have made an online purchase in the past couple of months. Thus, shoppers rely more on the online purchase than the physical stores.


If you own an online eCommerce store, you should also focus on the eCommerce mobile app builder. If you have been thinking lately to have one smart app, here are some features that will make your brand more powerful in 2019.

Here are the best features to create an online presence and attract more customers.

  1. Simple UI & Navigations: Shoppers find comfort in easy shopping and simple cart checkout experience. But the app layout and UI matter more than the functionality. A Mobile store can boost the customers’ shopping experience. However, customers prefer easy-to-use and navigate mobile apps. You can ask your app designers to develop apps with simple yet attractive UI.
  1. Easy Registration Process: Who does not hate the long and boring registration sign-up processes? Many powerful E-commerce sites provide easy registration process to their new users. The registration process should not require every single information from the user. An email id or Mobile number should be enough. Once registered, the user should get redirected to the landing page and start shopping.
  1. Login via Social Media: Most social media apps provide API to integrate social media login in the app. App users can easily register and login via social apps. This is a win-win situation for both app users and the app owners. Users can share their favorite products on social media with their friends. The app owners can create brand awareness on the social networking sites.
  1. Wish List Button: This is an essential feature you should not miss for your E-commerce mobile app. This enables the users to bookmark their favorite products while continuing shopping. They can even review their wish list bucket. You can notify your users about price drop or other exciting offers available on the wish list items in the bucket.
  1. Push Notifications: The most convenient and easiest way to attract your users again is possible with the ‘Push Notifications’ feature. You can make promotions about the fresh stock or new discounts in your app. This is the quickest way to engage the users with an immediate call to action. This also boosts the app’s sale and increase customer retention value.
  1. Reviews, Ratings & Feedback: Honest feedback makes you deliver your customers better. Encourage your customers to provide app review and ratings. This helps you gain real insights into how your app works and what it lacks. Allow your customers to provide reviews for your products and services too like a Business Messaging App, where people can interact freely. This helps in the improvement and success of your business.
  1. Featured Product: This feature has now become a hallmark for any successful e-commerce apps. A landing page with featured products is what your user notices first. Showcase your latest products, categories or exclusive offers in the carousel or banner. You can track the analytics and gain marketing insights with the slider click functionality.
  1. Search & Filter Options: Filters are a must for your E-commerce app. Customers can sort the price ranges, filter categories, discounts, and other facets. You can even integrate voice-enabled search feature for your tech-savvy customers. A smart search feature with AI can attract new customers and retain your existing ones. This takes the customers’ shopping experience to yet another level.
  1. Faster Checkout: Cart checkout and payment is the most challenging part for a user. If the details are not prefilled, many users will back-off while making a purchase. Allow one-click and faster checkout features to provide a seamless customer shopping experience. A faster checkout process impacts a lot on your business targets and sale.
  1. Multiple Payment Options: More often, many app builders overlook this feature. How will you as a customer react if he does not find his payment option on checkout? Outrageous, right? This can make a bad impact on certain shoppers, and you may lose them too. Hence integrating multiple secured payment modes can help you serve your customers happy and boost your sales too.
  1. Multi-Currency Payment Option: A secured and safe payment option feature is another impeccable feature for your app. Integrate popular payment options like COD, PayPal, Net Banking, Google Pay and the like. This can boost your sales and attract more users to join your app. You can also think of multi-currency support feature for your international customers. This helps you make a global presence.
  1. Measurable Analytics: Business works on goals, success factors, and growth. Apps can give you actionable insights on how to scale and grow your business smartly. This even helps in the marketing activities. Marketers can follow up on the growth and analytics of your E-commerce app store.


Do you wish to stay updated with the competitive eCommerce app world? Get your eCommerce business a smart and innovative mobile app to make a grand presence in the eCommerce world. If you already have these impeccable features in mind, the app development process will become much easier.

This post includes the most essential features your eCommerce app should have. Nevertheless, there are some other features too. Make sure you do not miss on the basic features while providing a high-class app to attract more users.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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