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10 Useful Tools Gun Owners Should Have

Maintaining and cleaning your gun requires tools to properly do it. You need to regularly check your gun for safety purposes too. These tools are often the most common ones you will use for tinkering with your gun.

10 Useful Tools Gun Owners Should Have

Some tools even have multiple uses like reloading your ammo, priming for better ammo, and gun tuning.

Gunsmith Screwdrivers

This isn’t your normal screwdriver. Gunsmith screwdrivers are specialized for gun work. Regular screwdrivers can damage screw edges or damage the finish when you apply pressure. Gunsmith screwdrivers fit properly in most screw slots of a variety of guns.

The most common types of gunsmith screwdrivers are:

  • Magnetic-tipped screwdrivers – contains hollow magnetic ends for holding the screw against the bit. They’re useful for handling the smallest gun screws around.
  • Fixed-blade screwdrivers – gives you better strength and maximum control.

Punch Sets

Punch sets are used for easily removing roll pins from firearms. You often use this during the repair or assembly of your gun. You can use 1 pin punch, however, a set would be recommended to get the appropriate size punch.

You would also want to get both steel punches and brass punches. Brass punches are softer than steel punches so they’re great if you don’t want to mar the surface as you tap in a pin.

Professional gunsmith even has an array of punch sets of different types and sizes like:

  • Starter punches
  • Drift punches
  • Pin punches
  • Roll pin punches

Brass/Plastic Hammer

You will often encounter times when you need to do some hammering. Don’t ever use your regular hammer at home. Instead, use brass or plastic hammer built for guns.

These hammers are softer than a gun’s steel and polymer material. This means it won’t cause any damage to your gun if you ever make a mistake when using the hammer.

Bench Vise

A bench vise helps in holding your gun still during maintenance or assembly. Look for a vise jaw coated with leather. Leather protects your gun’s finish. The soft jaws are used for clamping down barrels and hold firmly without causing damage.

Bench Block

Bench blocks work with a bench vise. It stabilizes parts of the fire weapon. It also prevents them from rolling during pin driving or pushing.

Bench blocks can vary in size while some are made for specific models of guns. The most important thing is the bench block ensures your gun is locked down tight without causing damage.

Look for bench blocks made of wood, nylon, or polyurethane.

Armorer’s Wrench

An armorer’s wrench is not similar to your regular wrench. People often mistake common tools with gunsmithing tools. It’s a wrench that is designed for the most common bolt sizes used in guns. It’s mainly used to remove the barrel of a gun.

Removing the barrel by hand is a tedious task. You might end up with a recoil spring flying. An armorer’s wrench makes it safer and easier.

Bore Light

Bore light is useful for providing clear vision inside the bore. They’re especially helpful for revolvers and single-shots since you can’t hold them up to normal light.

They also work on some newer gun models and semi-auto weapons. It’s a better way rather than breaking down your gun just to check the bore.

Needle Files

Need files are used to cut square screw slots. They’re commonly very thin for precise cutting. You can use needle files to widen dovetail slots in gun barrels without worrying about damages.


Caliper is a linear measuring tool. It’s made up of a scaled rule with a projecting arm at one end. The arm has an attached sliding vernier with a projecting arm to form a jaw. You can use it as a dial and digital gunsmithing tool.

Trigger Pull Gauge

A trigger pull gauge is a great tool for ensuring the safety of your gun. It lets you find the trigger pull weight on a gun so you will know where you start. Adjust the trigger, so it won’t be too light that it becomes unsafe to hold.


These tools are useful for gun maintenance and repair. They will also lessen your expenses as getting your guns regularly to a gunsmith will cost a lot. The more you mess with your guns, the more you’ll get used to it. These tools are also especially helpful if you’re building your own firearm with 80 lowers. You can check out 80% Lowers in Stock with Fast Shipping | 5D Tactical.

Relatedly, you can make functional and cosmetic modifications to your firearm. Take this carry handle for an AR-15 rifle that adds a rear sight for elevation. Its installation is also easy: use the thumb screws to mount the handle on the rifle.

Your tools will surely come in handy for future projects.



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