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Zutrix – Is it the Best SERP Checker Out There?

Many good SERP Checkers can get the job done. However, not all of them can provide enough data to improve your ranking on the SERP. They may provide you info about your position on the SERP – and that’s just about it. Then, others go further to provide you with info about your position and suggestions to improve or maintain that position.

Zutrix could easily be the best SERP Checker out there, but that would depend on your preference. We’ll do our best to dissect all of the details and features of Zutrix, and you decide if it’s the best SERP Checker tool for you.

Zutrix is a platform that tracks your ranking on the search engine result pages (SERP). The software works as your smart assistant by providing intelligent rank tracking powered by artificial intelligence. Zutrix offers AI-powered precision that truly illustrates how actual human users navigate the internet instead of viewing the web from a simulated eye.

For any SEO agency, social media agency, or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) media agency, knowing your website’s position on the SERP is invaluable. Therefore, an accurate and real-time SERP tracking tool is a must-have tool in your arsenal.

With Zutrix SERP tool, you can track several keywords for your domain, view results in a list and a graph over time, and limit the search by device and location – among many other features you are about to discover.


These Features Make Zutrix’s SERP Tool the Best Out There

SERP Check

This feature shows you how well you rank for any keyword you enter into the search bar. When you run a SERP Check on Zutrix, you will get the following data:

Rank: This shows you where your domain ranks in the top 100 results for your keyword and the URL receiving that traffic.

Volume: Let’s you see the amount of traffic your domain gets for your keyword.

Average Change: Track how much your rank has gone up or down. Also, see the specifics for your keyword, and track over time in a graph.

Search By

Region: This function allows you to choose the API region you’re running your search on. For example, you can search globally or Google US, or Google Canada.

Location: Let’s narrow your search by city name.

Device Targeting

  • Desktop / Mobile Results
  • Device Based SERP Features
  • Device Based Location Results

Device targeting enables you to track rankings for desktops and mobile devices. View, compare, and improve website performance in desktop and mobile search.

AI-Powered Results

  • AI-Powered Accuracy & Metrics
  • Always Accurate & Stable Results
  • Ultra Advanced Reporting

Take a quick look at the metrics and discover what you need to know. The results are reported in the easiest way possible, as this Google ranking tool helps you gain all the required insights by only taking a look at your screen.

Live Sharing

  • Create Unique Links
  • Live Share with Restrictions
  • Optional Sharing

With the Live Sharing function, you can share live reports with your team or clients. By creating unique links, you can send the link to specific people you’d like to share your data with.

Real-Time Notifications

  • Telegram, Slack & E-Mail Notifications
  • Custom Rules for Efficiency
  • Custom Frequency

With Zutrix, you never miss ups and downs in your ranking movement. Zutrix notifies you instantly when your pages move up or down the SERP for a particular keyword. You can choose to receive notifications on either Telegram, Slack, or E-Mail.

Competitor Tracking

  • Unlimited Competitors
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Smart Suggestions

Zutrix will let you know whether or not you will outrank your competitor. The software lets you know the degree of difficulty of outranking your rivals. It also tracks competitor’s behavior, SERP rankings, and even their strategies. In the end, you can come up with your ideas about content creation in a more effective way, as the tool also suggests new strategies to outrank your competitors.

Keyword Lab

  • SERP Features Analysis
  • Domain Authority, Z-Rating & CTR
  • Search Volume & Competition Analysis

In using Zutrix keyword lab, you can research relevant keywords and gain insight into the estimated search volume, level of competition, keyword difficulty, and a list of the domains that rank for the keyword, along with their domain authority and Z-rating.

Zutrix Use Cases

When there’s a change in your SERP, it can mean several things. Therefore, getting notified of changes as soon as they can be useful in your campaign.

  • Observes Algorithm Changes

If your rank suddenly moves down the SERP, it could be due to a change in a search engine algorithm. Zutrix quickly notifies you of any search engine changes and suggests actionable steps you need to take to improve your ranking.

  • SEO

You may be experiencing a systematic problem if your ranking goes down the SERP. For instance, switching to a new CMS can result in to drop in organic search traffic. Being alerted of these changes as soon as possible allows you to implement the suggested improvements while minimizing loss.

  • Capitalizing on Good News and Mitigating Bad News

If your SERP jumps unexpectedly, it could be that your site is experiencing something fantastic or bad. Either way, you’ll have to know immediately. The reason for the change could be something unexpected.

For instance, you might have attempted to strengthen your brand by doing something, only to discover that it backfires. Or you may have found that one of your posts on social media has gone viral, in which case you’ll want to reach your audience properly to optimize the effect.

Zutrix alerts you to these changes and suggests ways to optimize to reap maximum benefits or, in the case of a negative outcome, what you can do to reduce losses.


Zutrix Pricing Plans

Depending on how many keywords you choose to track, Zutrix has three major pricing plans. The majority of the features are mostly the same in each plan:

  • Unlimited competitor
  • Keyword lab
  • Competitor tracking
  • Local data
  • Import data from Google Search Console
  • Advanced reporting and more

The $28 Basic plan allows you to track up to 250 keywords; the $54 Premium plan allows you to tack up to 500 keywords, while the $99 Advanced plan allows you to track up to 1,000 keywords with white label reporting.

How to Get the Most Out of Using Zutrix SERP Tool

Zutrix allows you to track your website’s ranking on Google for free and provide insight into several data. And just like many of the other SEO tools featured online, you can often cater them to the needs and budget of your business.

While other SERP Checker software offers most of these services and features in their paid packages, Zutrix allows you to use it for free until you are ready to upgrade to access advanced features and more data. All these features and free tools make Zutrix one of the best SERP Checker tools for SEO.

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