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YouTube Vanced For iOS- Learn to Download and Install

YouTube Vanced is a modded edition of the authorized YouTube app. The best part of YouTube Vanced is that it comes with a built-in adblocker. It means that now you need not have to watch any ads in the videos. Also, it removes all the in-videos ads, ad banners, and many more. You can therefore download and install YouTube Vanced and stream videos without any ads.

YouTube Vanced For iOS- Learn to Download

If you don’t know, YouTube Vanced is created by the XDA team. Therefore you can safely go with this application. Also, it is legal and free. To install this application you need to head into the official website and just scroll down and locate a download option. You can see several download options for both rooted as well as the non-rooted device.

You just have to choose the right category of your device and undergo the process of APK file downloading. Once done you can open the file and hit for its installation. In this way, you will provide its position in your android platform.

However, in the case of the iOS platform, the above-stated method won’t work. So, below is the right technique that you can follow so that you can download and install the app with no troubles.

YouTube Vanced- Learn to download for iOS-

YouTube Vanced For iOS- Learn to Download 1

The APK stands for the Android application package. Therefore it will only work for the android platform. However, the app is also compatible with other important operating systems like- Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. Though there are some customizations and modifications done based on the iOS.

So, here is the method that will provide you the APK file only that is made just for the iOS platform. In other words, iOS APK is the modified version that is iOS companionable. And that being covered let us start.

To begin with, you have to at first click on this link – so that you enter into the right spot for downloading YouTube Vanced. The file is lightweight. This means that the size of the file is small and won’t consume much space for your device. There you will find the choice- download now for iOS (v2.5.1). After that, you have to open up the file into the download section and hit on install to allow it to get installed.

If you are unable to open up the file, then you have to install any third-party file manager and try again. You can install it by Google and then open up the file.

Within several minutes, you successfully have installed the app on your iOS platform. So you are now all set to open up the app and can use it. After you open the app, you can observe that the interface may be altered a little and this due to the Vanced version is mainly made for android. Also to help you out in making the downloading easier, here we are disclosing the best way to install it with no device jailbreak.

Can I get the YouTube Vanced on my iOS with no device jailbreak?

YouTube Vanced For iOS- Learn to Download 2

Streaming the videos on YouTube is the most accepted thing to do on iPad or iPhone. The same goes for the android platform. Even the users can improvise the experience more by positioning the YouTube Vanced APK in their device. If your question is- Can I do YouTube Vanced for iOS APK download without device jailbreaking; here you will learn about YouTube Vanced for iOS with no device jailbreak.

YouTube Vanced is an app the people with handy improvements know about it very well. The most observable features are adblocking also includes true amole dark mode and much more.

Owing to such enhancements, many android platform users cannot live without the app and many owners of iPad and iPhone are looking for the equivalent.

YouTube Vanced APK is available for iOS through jailbreaking though it is also possible to get YouTube Vanced on your iOS platform with the help of third-party tools and sites. However, it is not suggested to use third-party sites or applications because of security reasons. Apple vigorously obstructs the app and corresponding like YT++ or Cercube on the iOS platform.

On iPhone and iPad, the users of iOS are best off sticking to the YouTube application base. Though ads can be irritating, most of them are the least skip. Even failing that, permitting advert can assist in supporting YT creators.

Instead of an adblocker if dark mode is the primary draw, you must make sure that the in-built dark mode for the authorized iOS YouTube APK is enabled.

Facilitate dark mode in the YouTube iOS apk

Facilitate dark mode in the YouTube iOS apk

  • On iPad or iPhone, you need to open up the YouTube application
  • Tap the profile picture there in the top right
  • Scroll down and hit the setting
  • Enable dark theme

Also, it provides the possibility to swipe down from the screen’s top right and adjust the intensity of the display on the system level.

YouTube Vanced- Why?

 If I am having an original YouTube app then I must go for YouTube Vanced? This is the question that hits the mind of every individual. However, the answer is fairly straightforward. YouTube is having many perks and features in comparison to the official YouTube app.

Using YouTube Vanced you can stream the videos with no more annoying ads. There are many themes and backgrounds available. Select the best one you like. Therefore your streaming video experience would be enhanced very well.

YouTube Vanced- Requirements-

When it comes to getting YouTube Vanced, all that you need is to get visit vanced-ios and from there you have to download and install the APK file. But you have to undergo device jailbreak as described already and nothing else you need. So install it now and enjoy using it.

YouTube Vanced- Features-

YouTube Vanced- Features

  • Reading in the background
  • Block all video ads
  • Self repeat
  • Maximum resolution
  • Zoom option available
  • Ranges of themes

Summarizing up-

Finally, you have learned all about downloading and installing YouTube Vanced for iOS. I hope after reading this post you may find it easier.

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