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xShows: Make A Webcam Site With Passive And Active Revenue

What makes the adult industry so lucrative for business?

One can bet on the massive demand for adult content on the internet, but I consider the scope of experiments one can indulge in as a much bigger factor than just the demand. Behind the success of so many businesses in the adult industry, innovation and adaptation are the key factors without any doubt.

Make A Webcam Site With Passive And Active Revenue

After all, this industry has seen the days of video cassettes and DVDs before internet porn became a thing. But that’s not all about the adult industry- thanks to the internet, it has spread way beyond porn movies.

Webcam streaming, aka camming, is one such sub-industry that has been born out of the modern day adult industry. Today, camming is an independent industry in itself. Although there has been no big research on the market size of the adult webcam industry recently, in 2013, the New York Times reported that the same was over $1 billion. From there, the market for the adult camming industry has only grown over time.

So what do you think? Wouldn’t it be a profitable idea to build and launch an adult camming site?

I think yes. Building an adult webcam site is not a big deal these days; tons of adult webcam script can be found on the internet. However, I will explain one of the easiest ways in this article to not only build a webcam site but also get webcam models to perform on it from the very first day.

If you want to build an adult webcam site business with ready-made features, models, and revenue streams available out of the box, without any hard work, follow the instructions explained below.

Get xShows – The multi webcam builder for adult camming industry

At first, xShows seems like any other adult webcam script that you can purchase from the internet to get a ready-made camming site. Trust me, it’s not like any of the others you have seen. The xShows is a multi-webcam builder, which offers much more than any traditional webcam site script:

  • It offers a ready-made webcam site out of the box
  • It offers active revenue and business models with the option to hire in-house cam girls
  • It offers two types of passive revenue and business models with webcam affiliate script.

Get xShows Lite – to build an adult cam site with Passive Revenue Streams

Camming websites are not just about hiring webcam girls and earning from the commissions paid by them. It’s great if you have a business plan ready for active income from in-house camgirls.

However, not every entrepreneur can arrange hundreds of cam girls to perform on their site from the first day itself. They go through the unavoidable chicken and egg phase- where popular webcam girls decline signing-up on a newly built site with no traffic, and one can’t get single traffic on the website without cam girls to perform on it.

In such a scenario, xShows Lite can help you with its white-label model APIs from the top cam networks.

You can build a fully controllable and customizable webcam affiliate site with 20,000+ online models from top webcam networks like Chaturbate, Bongacams, xlovecams, and Stripchat. No need to bother about hiring in-house cam girls. All you need to do is to focus on building traffic on your webcam site, so you can redirect the same to affiliate cam networks and make money via affiliate marketing.

In short, xShows Lite can build you a webcam affiliate site to let you make tons of passive money without hiring a single cam girl under your own contract.

Get xShows pro – to generate big revenue via active + passive streams

Affiliate marketing via traffic re-direction is a great passive income stream. However, you can’t expect to build a webcam business empire with such a method. At the end of the day, you are just doing affiliate marketing for some bigger webcam brand.

If you aim to go big and generate uncapped income, the xShows Pro version can give you a more than perfect solution.

The xShows Pro is not just any other webcam affiliate script with a passive income stream from traffic re-direction. It allows you to make perfect use of both active and passive revenue streams in the easiest ways:

  • Active Revenue: Like any traditional adult webcam script, xShows pro allows you to hire and add your in-house cam girls on the website. In this method, you can use all the native revenue channels. For example, on-site tokens, tipping, private chat, group chat, eCommerce selling, etc.
  • Passive Revenue with a Twist: xShows Pro comes with a special API from LiveJasmin AWEmpire for affiliate marketing without traffic re-direction. You can pull models from LiveJasmin on your website and show them as your own alongside your in-house models. Your users can interact with these models as they interact with any in-house model on your website. Users wouldn’t even realize that they are interacting with a model from LiveJasmin, not from your own website.

Which one is perfect for you?

xShows Pro is a perfect solution to start your business with both active and passive options open to you. You can begin with passive streams using the AWEmpire API and over 20,000+ models prepopulated on your website from the first day. Later you can also expand into hiring your in-house models once your website is popular enough.

I am leaving you with an earning estimation that I saw on the Adent’s website about how much you can expect to earn using xShows and its different versions:

Hence, if you aim to earn some side-money from affiliate marketing, xShows Lite is perfect for you. Its white-labeled APIs are more than enough to generate traffic from the first day. However, if you want to build a webcam business empire without any cap on the income, use xShows Pro to leverage from both active and passive revenue streams.

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John Paul
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