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Would You Use Software or Freelancers When Transcribing Speech to Text?

Transcription is basically defined as the process of converting speech into text. However, the definition doesn’t describe what transcription is all about and what it can offer for a business. From the expert standpoint, the process is more than just converting speech into text. Transcription helps create a literal version of the events in question but with more attention to the details. For example, the ‘erms’ and ‘ahs’ will be removed when converting the speech to text.

Needless to say, the process is not as swift as it seems. There is a lot of work involved. After the conversion, the text has to be revised to make sure that it remains true to the original message. The irrelevant parts are then removed to ensure that only the important details are covered. The process can be tedious. The good thing is that you can outsource the whole service or just make use of transcription software. The big question is, should you use software or hire a freelancer? The two options have their pros and cons.

Transcribing Speech to Text

Use software

If you choose to go with the transcription software, the first thing you need to note is that not all software on the market will give you the results you need. Care has to be taken when picking a transcribing tool. Start by reviewing the reputation of the publisher. Second, you need to take note of what people are saying about the tool. In addition to that, you have to take note of the features available on the transcription tool.

The best thing about using software is that you will have more features to work with. To start with, the software is faster. This is because everything is done by an algorithm that has been tailored to listen to speech and convert it simultaneously. Less time is wasted listening and typing as is the case with freelancers. The software will generate the text. Second, more languages are available. With an in-house transcriber, you will be limited to the number of languages he/she is fluent in. Most transcribers are only fluent in two or three languages. The transcription software can support several languages. It is also good to note that working with software is more cost effective than working with a freelancer. This is because once you purchase the license, you can use the tool as many times as you want. That is not the case with transcribers. Lastly, there used to be one weakness with transcribing software: the need to send this information online which may affect confidentiality. However, the rise of 256-bit encryption technologies has negated this weakness.

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Hire freelancer

The option of working with a freelancer enables you to avoid too many errors in the text. A transcriber with good command of the language that is being converted to speech will be able to refine the text. This is not possible with software. Software converts everything as it is. The software will also not understand some of the words based on the pronunciation. This may lead to errors. Although working with a freelancer might be more expensive, you will get a cleaner text than with software.

The choice of whether to work with a freelancer or software will mostly depend on your budget, urgency and what you want. Make your choice carefully.

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