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Wondershare MobileTrans – The top-self solution for data transfer between two phones.

Recently, I shifted from Android OS to IOS, and you won’t believe how exciting the process was, actually changing of phones was very easy, but the transfer of data required a lot of patience and research. I used many software’s and applications for the transfer of data, but neither could do the job for me, some of them transferred limited files, and some just didn’t copy of any of them.


So after long research and sorting out of found results, I came to know about Wondershare’s MobileTrans which led transfer android to ios in just a few minutes, Words can’t express how happy was I after seeing data being copied so fast after so many fail attempts.

So Today I am going to review Wondershare’s MobileTrans which is undoubtedly the best software for data transfer between phones. You will also be fascinated by the features this software offers. Wondershare’s MobileTrans unleashes wide horizons of data transfer.

Some of the features of Wondershare’s MobileTrans include one-click phone to phone transfer which makes your work easier and saves a lot of time. You can copy all of your files from one phone to another with a single click without any hassles. Wondershare’s MobileTrans in 100% safe and trustworthy. I can even bet my life on Wondershare’s MobileTrans.

You can transfer the contacts, text messages, call logs, calendar, pictures, music, video, apps and even app data between your iPhone, Android Phone, Blackberry Phone, Nokia Phone and Nokia Symbian phones also. You can almost transfer everything from your old smartphone to new smartphone.


You can also backup the data and restore it later, Its all up to your choice, You can backup the data from time to time to keep the phone secured and data on the safer side.

You can also retrieve the data from backups created by iCloud, iTunes, Samsung Kies and Blackberry Desktop suite, etc. to any Android phone or any iPhone. It is probably everything packed in software.

iTunes backup can also be retrieved to any phone irrespective of the manufacture, yet it should be supported by Wondershare’s MobileTrans, but that’s not a point to worry about because Wondershare’s MobileTrans supports more than 3000 smartphones.

You can also retrieve data from iCloud backup to your Android smartphone easily which makes the transfer even easier.

Recently A new feature has been added to Wondershare’s MobileTrans which lets you permanently erase your old phone. This can help you while you are looking to sell out your smartphone. Wiping the device data before selling is unquestionably the best move.

So these are the features of Wondershare’s MobileTrans, which make it the best software for data transfer between phones. You can count upon Wondershare’s Mobile Trans for backing up your data timely also, And the transfer part is exceptional, No other software can match the performance of Wondershare’s MobileTrans.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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