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Wire Strippers Are the Essentials of Electrical Makeovers

Along with pliers and crimpers, wire strippers are the instruments that are necessary for your toolkit as an electrical engineer. These strippers are important to cut, replace and rejoin wires. Plenty of options are available to you in the market from numerous hardware brands at varying price points. But before buying them, you must first know, what is a stripper?

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What is a wire stripper?

These are small handheld appliances used to remove the outer coverings of wire to repair or replace it. These are mostly used by workers and electricians. Strippers also strip the wire ends to connect it with other wires or terminals using wire crimpers. They are mainly divided into two types; mechanical and automatic.

The mechanical strippers are more commonly used. It is rotated manually around the insulation or outside covering of the wire, applying pressure, to cut or strip it and let the wire be adjusted and exposed.

The automatic wire strippers work by holding one side of the wire within the tool while the other is stripped in the same way as the manual stripper cuts. The automatic method is quicker and can create smaller, finer strips than the manual counterparts. Where a manual stripper can cut almost every size of the wire, automatic strippers are not good with long wires.

A third and not so common type is the LASER wire stripper. The tool is controlled by a computer and a LASER beam is used to burn off or cut the insulation of the wire. They do not damage the conducting wires and hence are used for fine connections.

Components of a stripper

They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Their teeth are saw-edged which aid in stripping. Both the handles of the stripper can be straight or curved and covered by rubber. The rubber helps in firm gripping and applying a proper pressure. Curved handles are more preferred since they allow a better grip of the tool.

What are pneumatic systems?

Pneumatic systems use hydraulic principles to drive instruments. The only difference is hydraulic systems use a liquid for their working, whereas pneumatics utilize gas or under-pressure air to move mechanical parts. They are used in almost every industry. From transportation to music, pneumatic systems are found in air brakes, vacuum pumps, heating and AC controls, pipe organs, and so forth.

In electrical and mechanical engineering, pneumatic wire strippers are used to cut, repair, and replace wires and are considered important tools in the present era. The pressure and force applied by these systems aid in quicker and reliable wire stripping.

Pneumatic wire strippers are easy to use, they are cost-effective and work optimally. Due to this system, even hard-core wires are made possible to cut and their insulation can be removed effortlessly. They also offer high flexibility and adaptability.

These along with the additional features of wire strippers like efficient and stable performance, safe operation, and durable construction are guaranteed if you buy wire strippers from

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