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Will Educational Start-Ups Be Able To Transform Education In India?

Educational start-ups nowadays are dealing with the tedious and complicated task of bringing the classroom and the complete learning experience to the students. Educational technology is emerging in India, which is the basic use of online or electronic resources to facilitate the better and improved learning of kids.

Will Educational Start-Ups Be Able To Transform Education In India

Our education system has always been the blackboard, chalk-duster culture which has seldom backtracked from its root.  Our Indian values, supposedly, scorn the use of such tech resources to achieve something as pure as learning. But science and trends show us that people, especially students, can benefit a lot through this technology.

Benefits Working Professionals

It is good for working professional who will not have to travel long distances after work to get to a coaching centre. If there are any women working professionals who are preparing for some higher degree or course, then it is not so safe or feasible always for them to travel in the night via long distances just for a few hours of coaching.

This will also take a lot of effort as one will be tired and drained by the time they come back home and usually not want to travel anymore in the traffic and pollution outside. These are the cases with lots of individuals who have to stop their dreams about higher education just because there were no available courses at their free time or near them.

Online coaching or learning facilitates all these people to fulfil their dreams. It brings the classroom to your home and provides an interactive and educational environment for you to learn, understand and have a good education suitably.

Reduces Travel Time and Relocating Issues

Less travel for those who have long-time working jobs or those who live in remote areas. For these types of people who cannot afford private transport and have to depend on public transport every day where they need to do so, on a regular basis via long distances, any person will become much stressed.

Educational technology and start-ups will guide you properly through mobile learning where you can get a vast amount of textbook knowledge, summaries and all sorts of subject matter in one device. And what’s more, you can share this tech via multiple devices and users.

It mostly even comes in free format. You can get online tutorials, videos explaining about design or management of resources and everything you need for your study.

Study material

If you are doing an online course on a particular subject or if you are preparing for an exam (like UPSC, IAS, IES etc.)With a standard syllabus using educational tech, then the offline vs. online methods can easily be compared.

The course material that you get online is as infinite as can be. If you have one physical textbook with you for your offline learning, you can have five times more of the same textbook with an easier description that will help you understand better and at the end of the day, be more beneficial for you than the latter.

Also, the practice tests and the subtopics you get are more than just your standard syllabus.  The net online educational services have extra information and input shared by the online community or the start up company themselves, to facilitate better involvement of the student with the subject.

Accessible even in rural areas

For people who live in remote areas, all you need is a tab and a network connection for you, where you can interact with any subject matter you need or talk to any coaches online.

You can take online test papers to assess your stance in the competitive tests against almost a million other people. You can even get to know some tips and tricks which can be shared in the online community, which sort of works like your group study.

If you have good resources through traditional classroom style teaching methods, then you will have way better and many more resources through e-learning and educational start-ups.

We think that educational start-ups can indeed change the face of education in India, even if it does not do so immediately. It will take a while for people to revert back from their old methods and become familiar with this new technology, but once they get habituated with the new ways they can truly see how tech can instantly improve our age-old learning methods within a quick tap of our fingers.

We keep complaining about the Indian education system and if we once and for all transform it into an upgraded and sensible version of itself, then we will only benefit from it. Our youth will have more on-field and practical knowledge that comes to them feasibly. Every child’s talent will emerge if he works by himself, on himself, for himself and this is the way education should actually happen.

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