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Why Your Business Needs To Invest In An Online Document Sharing Software

Some people can work effectively under pressure. However, this hardly works in business environments where employees are not armed with the appropriate productivity tools to get their jobs done.

Why Your Business Needs to Invest in an Online Document Sharing Software


It can happen to anyone, even to the best and brightest. Documents can get misplaced, and files can get mistakenly deleted. And also, if you spend hours retrieving it, you might not find it again. These mistakes may be typical, but they can either make or break a business. This is where document sharing comes in handy.

So, what is a file and data sharing system?

File sharing is often a feature included in cloud storage systems. As a stand-alone program, it provides file access to team members and other authorized users. Aside from access, these approved users can then collaborate and work their respective parts either on the file or by merely using the same as a reference.

File sharing is an integral part of document management. The latter is a program that includes procedures and processes most organizations use to capture, store, secure, and retrieve data and information on a day-to-day basis. These processes can be streamlined using document management software.

In brief, the basic parts of a document management system are the following:

  • Annotations
  • Audit trails
  • Classification and indexing
  • Version control
  • Search and retrieval of documents
  • Security of files and document access control
  • Synchronization of file editing actions
  • Document storage

Reasons why your business needs a document sharing system

If you are still doubtful whether or not you should invest in a file-sharing management system, here are some reasons to convince you.

Have a central repository of all your documents 

Since losing and misplacing hard copies of files are inevitable in a busy office, it is wiser to have a virtual file storage area for all office files, crucial or not. Through this, anyone who needs the data can access, view, change, or share it. You do not need to waste time frantically looking through folders and storage cabinets.

Secure your files and control user access

When you do not have a document managing system, it is easy to expose highly-confidential files to the wrong people. If these sensitive and classified files fall into the wrong hands, your business can suffer irreparable damage. If you have a document managing software in place, you can safeguard all confidential business information by setting up role-based access control (RBAC) and tighter security policies. With these controls in place, only authorized users can view and use the said files.

Easy access to files

Another reason why your business should invest in a document sharing system is the accessibility of your office files anywhere, anytime. Even if you are vacationing or enjoying your dinner, you can access the data and make critical business decisions right away.

And since synchronization of edits and version controls are reflected in real-time, key decision-makers in the company can always get updates on the status of projects and team tasks. It does not matter if your CEO is out of the office; everything he needs to know about the business is within his reach.


Just like other business tools and software, you need to pay upfront for subscribing to a service offered by document management service providers. Most businesses are hesitant to try these productive tools because of the initial set-up cost. Then again, if you only open your eyes to the plethora of benefits you get to enjoy after that, you can confidently say that the advantages you enjoy justify the software cost.

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