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Why You Should Study At A Private College In Canada

The dream for most parents is for their child to go to University and get a higher education and while it is a great option for some students, it is not suitable for everyone. If you are not loving the idea of studying at university, you may be wondering what else you can do.

Why You Should Study At A Private College In Canada

Well, instead of graduating from the university in your hometown, you could choose to go to a private college. Here are some great reasons to choose a private college instead of a university or public college.

  1. To Get an Education that furthers your Career

A University degree looks wonderful on a resume and will serve most students well, but it does not prepare students for a specific career they may be interested in. Students can learn general topics such as Science or Economics, but they will need to figure out their career after they graduate.

At a private college, you will get an education that focuses on your career. You will know where you will start in life and be able to plan your future more effectively.

  1. Starting dates are better

When you attend universities and public colleges, you do not have the choice of a flexible start date. Students must start their studies in September or in January. If you miss the application deadline, you need to wait for the next intake and there are no exceptions. Private colleges allow for more options because they often have multiple intakes, so you can start your studies much sooner.

  1. Joining the workforce faster

University programs often take students four to six years to finish. Even if you go to public college, you will be studying for two or three years. Not everyone is prepared to commit their entire life to their studies for 4 years to begin working. Private colleges offer compressed courses because they are not required to push general studies or electives onto students, which allows for more time focused on classes that are relevant to your career path.

  1. Experienced Instructors 

Private colleges hire experienced instructors for your classes, so if you are studying to be an account then you will learn from an experienced accountant. If you are studying business management, you will learn from someone who understands the unique environment of managing a business. Experienced instructors are better for students with a focused career path because they can offer unique, authentic information that a person can only know from being employed in their field of teaching.

  1. Hands-on Experience 

One thing that many students who attend university will be frustrated with is the lack of real experience in their field of studies, but students who study at private colleges will not run into that same burden. Private colleges are not just focused on learning by the book because the instructors will understand the dynamic needs of the student’s future careers.

  1. Smaller classes 

Canadian universities are notorious for their large classes and have been known to have upwards of 1000 students in a class. Larger classes mean you may not get the much-needed one-on-one time you need with an instructor to get a firm grasp on your class, which may make it harder for you in your future endeavours. Private colleges have much smaller classes, often 30 or less students, and so you will be able to ask any questions you have, and your teacher will even know you by name.

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