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Why You Should Be Using a Dedicated Server

No doubt a dedicated server is just that perfect hosting solution you need for that crucial website especially that which sees reasonable traffic. Impatiently, many would jump at shared hosting essentially for the reduced cost but this would surely prove to be a regrettably rushed decision. On the long term, they would laboriously battle so many problems cutting from issues with the IPs, problematic servers, inefficient customer support team and many others. Let us, therefore, examine some of the crucial reasons why you should definitely go with the choice of dedicated servers.

Using a Dedicated Server

You stand to enjoy advanced technical support

The responsiveness of the technical support team of any hosting provider is very crucial. Yes, your system is going to need maintenance, updating and could even problems which most times would require advanced technical expertise to resolve. Dedicated servers can assure you of a proficient technical support team that would masterfully take care of issues like troubleshooting, maintenance and even upgrade of your server when needed.

No one shares your IP with you

Actually, in our modern world which has placed a strong emphasis on online security, it is very important your IP is unique to just you. With dedicated servers, just one IP would be sufficient for the service of the entire server saving you the straining labor of maintaining several IPs for several websites. Therefore all the traffic you amass for your IP address goes directly to your website.

You can be assured of a secure and private environment

When you use direct servers, you enjoy the luxury of having sole access to the server. Hence you don’t have to worry about the possibility of another user compromising your security. Moreover dedicated server providers assure you of your privacy and security as well equipping your servers with top capacities like firewall installation, phishing detection alerts, SSL certificates, protecting you from DDOS attacks and adequately ensuring that all the data on your network servers are well protected.

User interfaces -cPanel as well as WHM

Many web host managers will give you the user a generous collection of automation tools which will help you manage your website more easily. Here you are in full control of the management of your domain and databases, you can administer your email accounts independently, install your spam filters as well as work with other applications (web-based) cutting through the likes of WordPress etc.

The technical features with dedicated servers are simply alluring

This is one of the standout points why you should compulsorily go with dedicated servers. Your hosting provider would judiciously outfit your server with many powerful technical features all the way from the most sophisticated hardware, the likes of top Enterprise SATA Hard discs, a well as the Desktop HDDs Dedicated servers. Via this, your service performs better in transferring data, marvelously improving the overall performance of your server. Other advanced technical features you stand to enjoy include Error-correcting code (ECC) memory, FTP account back up, RAID1- Hardware mirroring and many other goodies.

So now in face of all these beautiful and attractive functionalities, do you now see why you should be rolling with dedicated servers?

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