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Why You Should Automate Firewall Auditing And How It Can Improve Your Business Performance

It is very important and challenging to remain compliant adhering strict directives and standards. This becomes even more complicated during firewall auditing. In general, organizations have to comply with numerous firewall policies, for which conducting a manual firewall audit is almost impossible. Even though it is not always required to meet the organizational or government parameters, but still, regular firewall auditing is compulsory to make sure that firewall configurations are aligned with correct regulatory policy and security criteria.

Automate Firewall Auditing

Starting the process of firewall auditing:

To conduct regular firewall auditing hassle-free, you need an automated network security policy management solution. It first analyzes your entire security network and then prepares an interactive and dynamic diagram of your network’s security structure. Thus it showcases those network security policies which are obsolete and/or fail to comply with regulatory standards. All these happen in real-time. Besides, it also generates comprehensive audit-ready firewall reports which you can present in board meetings and analyze for further action.

Maintaining continuous compliance:

An automated network security management system maintains steady compliance by delivering thorough reports on firewall compliance in real time. If a certain application within the network does not follow regulatory standards, you can instantly see it flagged in compliance reports. In addition to that, it also automatically analyzes all network security policies to identify any discrepancy. Upon identifying any gap in compliance, it also rectifies the gap in real-time. Thus, an automated network security management system maintains steady compliance.

Supported industry standards:

A firewall audit tool can produce compliance reports in real-time without any manual support adhering with all types of leading industry standards such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, NERC, etc. Plus, it can also generate customized compliance reports for corporate regulations. Due to these reasons, the use of firewall auditing tools is extensive and wide.

 Benefits of automated firewall auditing:

Saves time and money:

With automation, a firewall audit tool can generate audit-ready reports in real-time, which may take a longer time if done manually. Thus, it reduces the audit preparation time. Besides, it is also cost-saving. With automated firewall auditing, you can save up to 80% of your auditing cost.

Increase the accuracy of audit reports:

Automated firewall auditing provides more accurate reports than manual auditing. Along with reducing any scope of possible human error, the reports also provide a detailed picture of firewall policies within the network, which is very much beneficial for network security and compliance.

Proactive evaluation of compliance breaches:

It can automatically conduct threat and compliance assessment in case of any firewall policy alteration to keep it aligned and updated with regulatory parameters.

Identifies compliance gaps and suggest recommendations:

Automated firewall auditing tools can instantly identify gaps in network policies and suggest actionable steps to mitigate those gaps.

Cleaning and optimization:

It eliminates any kind of firewall clutter to keep the network security system clean and optimized. This way, it also improves the overall network security performance.

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