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Why Unified Reviews of Their SEO Program (Must See! What to Expect!)

Establishing a start-up is, in many ways, a tough contest, which is why this review helps put start-ups at easy when looking for digital marketing, saving you the hassle, time, struggle and lost revenue by not choosing the wrong company. When I started my e-commerce company online, the one question that I always thought about was whether I would be able to reach my customers in a cost-effective way.

Why Unified Reviews of Their SEO Program

Sure, you could splurge money on those TV ads or even billboards, but let’s face it – they don’t work as great as before. If you are looking to get customers hooked to an ecommerce site, you need to reach out to them online. And that’s where I found Why Unified useful.

It’s been no turning back since I started using their services and this is one of the reasons why I’m sharing a review of Why Unified, and I will tell you why (no pun intended). We have been using their SEO program, and it pretty much has everything you will need for your business.

Full Disclosure: We did not receive any payment for writing Reviews for We are satisfied client who used their services.

What Makes Why Unified a Good Choice?

Why Unified is clear about what they do. They don’t jump to conclusions. When we approached them first, they talked to us about our needs. After the conversation, they sent us item wise goals, and what it would need to take each. Every goal had a fixed cost, and their team informed us we never have to spend more than that. It’s a far cry from the other SEO agencies who keep on charging you each month, in hopes for a better result.

You know what to expect and there are no hidden costs.

What I loved about Why Unified though was their willingness to help me fix my target. Their experts told me as to which goals were possible, and which ones we should hold on in order to establish the base foundation of our brand first. Once I got going though, it was smooth sailing all along.

Did you know that they even offer atrial to start things off? Once things started, they gave me access to their marketing insight dashboard, where I could monitor weekly reports, program performance, real time analytics, with 100% transparency. The budget research, has all of the following.

  • Proven SEO strategies, targeting the better keywords.
  • Ongoing optimization, from content and video marketing for high intent keywords.
  • Easier to achieve page one ranking in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.
  • Helps you with your local search SEO needs

A Comprehensive Solution

It wasn’t just one off-page SEO report that I was looking at. I could monitor updates and performance and track progresses towards goals.

I could monitor the search engine optimization growth and track rankings, traffic originating from frequently used keywords, and even conversions from search. I also got a weekly update from the marketing consultant – an added bonus.

Many of the terms that we tried to rank for, appeared in positions 1-10 within a couple of months. Here is how the Why Unified team helped our e-commerce business stay in the loop at all times.

1. Creating Multiple Reports

At times, newer keyword opportunities come up during the SEO campaign. Why Unified experts then send you a SEO report thattalks about smart high-buying suitable intent keywords, and an estimation of the time to ranking. You have two options to choose from – Approve and Execute, which takes you to the next step. You can also cancel it, which assures full refund.

2. Meta tag and content optimization.

On-page SEO is important when it comes to ranking online. Why Unified performs optimization for title tags and meta descriptions based on keyword research and contextually optimized website content, both for search engines and prospects.

3. Optimize Website Structure for SEO.

Google rewards websites with an easy user interface. Why Unified experts performoptimizations to the website structure to support an effortless conversion funnel, and help you in your SEO efforts. As an e-commerce firm, we have had our fair share of troubles deciding on how to organize content better – and ultimately, it was their experts who helped us out.

4. Google My Business and SMO

If you are looking at higher exposure to the business through social media channels, you need to take a look at options like Google My Business and Google Maps rankings. We didn’t need the latter much, since we are online. But if you had a tailor shop in Boston, for instance, you would want to rank for the term “tailor shops near me” in Boston, for sure.

5. Optimized Page Building.

Building efficient SEO optimized pages and bringing contextual value with high-quality SEO content. We saw many different web pages created, like a separate privacy policy page, with keywords about our business.We had to give the content ourselves, but if we had bought their Full Program, they would have covered it too.

6. Ongoing Content and Video Marketing.

You don’t have to worry about content if you add in the Content Marketing feature. Else, if you have your own team of content writers, the Why Unified team will work magic on everything else, from having videos created, your articles featured and advertised elsewhere, and content optimized and published, regularly. It’s how they help your site ranks get better every month.

Final Thoughts

Why Unified is a trustworthy marketing agency and I hope this Why Unified Review helped you in determining if they might be the right fit for you company too. If you are looking to outrank your marketing competitors and drive in long-term sales with burning a hole in the pocket, you know where to look for.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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