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Why Startups Should Invest In Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has evened out the playing field and has given the smallest businesses the best chances to compete with bigger brands. While traditional marketing is not obsolete, digital means have become quite a significant game changer. If you do not have the right formula for virality, do not know how to adapt to the online behaviours of the market, then you are going to be left behind.

Why Startups Should Invest In Digital Marketing

So here we discuss important strategies for digital marketing which you can use in your own online campaigns.

Content marketing

Content marketing involves creating, publishing, and distributing content. This can be in the form of blog posts, videos, infographics, and other media. The goal is to get the content shared by lots of people to get visitors organically and significantly. Engaging with your audience in this way can build your credibility and authority while at the same time, strengthening your relationship with your audience.

Website design and branding

Check the navigability of your website and make sure that anyone who lands on your page knows what to do. It must be intuitive and should be easy to understand, so remove elements which will only clutter the page.

As for branding, you must make sure that there is a connection between brand voice and your visual representation. Your logo design, colour, typefaces, and images must harmonise with the brand personality you have adapted. At the same time, make sure that all your pages are hosted with a platform which offers optimum performance. You can start looking for a good web hosting and consider single or bulk transfer of domains.

Social media marketing

Social media is used to boost awareness, traffic, and conversion. This is where most of your customers spend their time in anyways, which is why it makes sense social media will be the driving power of your business. It not only cements yourself as a thought leader, but it allows you to easily engage with your market, inspiring loyalty which will then turn into leads.

However, it is advisable to choose the social media platforms you are going to use so you can target your audiences properly. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest all have different consumer groups. It is important that you do market research first and find out where most of your customers are. Try to limit it to three social media platforms first before you explore the others.

Email marketing

Email is one of the most profitable strategies listed here, known to yield 122% return of investment according to the Demand Metric and the Date and Marketing Association. The trick with email marketing is using engaging subject lines so that the user may be enticed to read it. Use good quality images, concise content, and persuasive language. Also take note that your emails must be mobile adaptive.


Pay-per-click or PPC utilises search engine advertising to attract sales-ready leads. Just like email marketing, it has significant return of investment because it targets adwords and appears to follows consumers around the web.

These are tried and tested strategies which will definitely help you with traffic and conversion. Investing in each one means that you will have a higher chance of being top-of-mind.

John Paul
John Paul
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