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ARKIT’s Coin Billionaire AR – All You Need To Know About The Latest iOS Augmented Reality Game

The augmented reality games have been storming the App Store market for quite some time now. The main reason for the rise of games in the AR genre among iPhone users is the concept and execution that they come with. While some of them may actually lack a gameplay, some are crafted with real gameplays. That makes these games successful even after the wow factors have been neutralized. The ‘Coin Billionaire AR’ is one such success that promises the intriguing factors of augmented reality games along with a super addictive gameplay. Players are spending hours and hours on strategizing their way to becoming billionaires.

ARKIT’s Coin Billionaire AR – All You Need To Know About The Latest Ios Augmented Reality Game

Main features of the game

The most attractive feature of the game includes:

  • It combines your decision making tasks to the real world plays on a 2D menu that you are familiar with.
  • The decisions you make will be affecting the in-game chances of coin collection.
  • The game is quite intense and fast paced and takes only a few minutes for you to play. That works to make it one of the top choices as a free time casual game.
  • A lot of dangers and risks will be coming against your coins that you need to defend. The game is somewhat similar to the tower defense games but involves the usage of a particular mechanism unique to the game.
  • As you collect experience, you will be leveling up and unlock more features including spells and new coins that you will be allowed to plant, grow and collect. It will also be bringing in newer dangers against your collection.
  • You will be allowed access to the leaderboard of richest billionaires constituting all your competitors.
  • The game is mainly free to download and play. But you can purchase some of the in-game items using real money and get more of them by watching reward video ads.

The gameplay

The game has a simple point objective. As you start playing the game, you will be taught to plant and collect coins. As the game progresses, you will be allowed to use those coins to make bank. While planting coins is all you need to do, you will hardly stop playing the game once you start getting the fun. Apart from that, the gameplay further works to attract more players. The main part of the attraction is the availability of wide range of coins that will gradually be unlocked in due course of game progress. Each type of coin will bring you different money value and you will be facing more risks and challenges.

The twist

The main twist in the game is the dangers. While the Coin Billionaire AR is pretty similar to the other AR games that you can access on the App Store, you will not be bored in ten minutes with this game. The main reason for this is the implementation of strategy that can help you to create the difference and rise above the other players in growing and collecting coins. The placement of your defense structures to fight the risks and dangers is totally dependent on your strategy and choosing the wrong placements can bring in deep impacts to your gameplay. That means you are required to take care of double actions at a single point of time. You need to grow and collect the coins from the initial coin you plant on the grid, and in addition, you will also be responsible to defend them on the same time. That makes it a lot different from the other AR games available in the market. This is also what contributes to making the game fast paced.

Game details

The game runs on AR-enabled iPhones. That means if you own an iPhone 6s (or 6s plus), iPhone SE, iPhone 7 (or 7 plus), iPhone 8 (or 8 plus) you can easily download and play the game. It is also playable on iPhones X, XS, XS Max, and XR. All you need is around 500 MB free space (460 MB to be precise) and an AR-enabled device running on iOS 9 or later. Just download the game and try it once. If you don’t like it, you can obviously remove it from your list. But there are hardly any chances that you will not like it.

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