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Why Should You Leave Cable Tv?

The trend of viewers leaving cable TV is on the rise. Although, we are aware that there are sterling cable TV providers that offer quality services, and not only that but also provide excellent customer support, just like CenturyLink users can dial numero de centurylink anytime to get instant support and assistance, along with other platforms for ensuring top-notch customer care services.

Why Should You Leave Cable Tv

Nevertheless, the cord-cutting trend continues to rise. There are several reasons as to why it is reasonable to leave the cable TV and that is what we are here for, to discuss as to why should you leave cable TV and opt for other alternatives.

  1. Cutting The Cost

Who does not like to save themselves some bucks from wherever they can? Leaving the cable behind can you just do that for yourself. We are aware of how the cost of keeping a cable connection has grown drastically in the last few years, and we do not expect it to stop at any point. Also, there are several providers as well that keep charging hidden fees that boggle one’s mind.

On the other hand, the streaming services give you quite affordable options that you can opt for and have a quality experience.

  1. Ease Of Access

Not everyone is always in the mood to sit in the TV lounge to watch the television or just sit in bed to watch it, being bound is the last thing plenty of people want. The fact that the cable connections are specifically tied to a selective amount of rooms does get frustrating and that is that certain providers will charge for the installations and you will have to pay room by room charges.

Although the cable providers are keeping up with the viewing trends are offering streaming services options, but even they have certain flaws. For instance, several apps will not be compatible with the provided streaming boxes or you will not be able to use a Chromecast or even an HDMI to send pictures/video from the computer to the TV. The main reason for this limitation remains that the cable companies still love the room add-ons they charge. It is more revenue for them after all.

  1. An Array Of Content

The expansive inventory of the content is what cable TV lacks at certain times. Although we are aware that the live content available on live cable TV cannot be found even on the live Tv streaming services. It has a pro and a con. The pro is having the access to unlimited content, whereas we also realize that we do not always watch all those extensive amounts of channels. If we opt for the streaming services instead, we can have a more on choice option and we can choose to subscribe and watch only what we want and will not have to be paying a hefty amount for the other content that we do not need.

  1. Easy To Switch

Have you ever tried to get rid of cable television? It’s a grueling procedure. Cable companies will try every trick in the book to persuade you to stick with your current plan. Long contracts, hefty cancellation fees, numerous hidden costs, and warnings about other services you might use, such as the internet and fixed phone lines, are some of their strategies. But if you can break free from the chains, you’ll discover a world of possibilities. You will not be forced into a long commitment by any of the mainstreaming or IPTV providers. Instead, you can cancel at any moment, and the service will simply discontinue when the current billing month ends. You can always contact your provider, for instance if you are a CenturyLink user, numero de centurylink en espanol can be of help to you. Simply dial the number and get assistance straight away.

As a result of the lack of contracts, users have a lot of freedom. You can sign up for Netflix for a month, binge-watch all of the episodes you want to see, then cancel this subscription of yours and try again with a different streaming service next time.

  1. The Ad-Free Experience

The constant commercial advertising during the cable is a driving force as well. It does get frustrating when you try to watch something with peace but have to watch the excessive amount of advertisements as well. Breaking through these shackles is what you must do. The streaming services give to the option for getting their ad-free subscriptions as well, although many major services already do not have the consistent advertising issues just to begin with. So, being able to watch your favorite TV show without having to sit through the painful ads is a win-win.


Leaving the cable TV behind is a good option if you want all the aforementioned perks. It however depends on your likes and preferences if you want to keep the cord connected or have it cut.

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