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Why Military Watches Are A Man’s Best Friend

Searching for a good watch that’s both affordable and durable? Why not consider a military watch? Not only are they stylish, they’re also designed with an air of sophistication as well. From solid black to titanium, there are many different designs to choose from. Military watches are so well built they are even water resistant up to 600 feet below the surface. If you need something with more depth the SEAL watch can withstand water up to 3,000 feet.

Military Watches Are A Man's Best Friend

Most Popular Models

Military watches come in all different designs. If you want something that’s popular and durable, why not consider the Dark Ops? Night Ops and Pro Ops offer a variety of features that are notable as well. All models are GSA approved.

You can also choose from a variety of tactical watches. The guys from Reviewed some really good military watches here. Falcon, Cobra, and Silencer are just a few popular ones that were once only available to special branches of the military, police officers, and FBI.

Built for Any Situation

No matter if you are sky diving, exploring the ocean, rock climbing, or simply out for a drive on a nice day, military watches are an excellent addition to any adventure. With so many colors and models available why not buy more than one? These watches look incredible with uniforms or suits. Military watches match everything.

Each watch design offers different features. Whether that’s a deeper waterproof depth, watch size, a gauge displaying metrics (like flight time and distance), or a temporary built-in flashlight such as with the Falcon design. Pilot watches are always an impressive choice. With a selection of over thirty different bands and glowing index for night travel, there’s truly something for every man to love.

Special Banding

Why purchase a military watch over a traditional one? Durability of course! Scratch resistance aside, each of these watches are made with a special ball-bearing band. Traditional watches use stretch pins which can break if pulled too far. Who wants to have to replace an entire watch? The solid titanium design 3-GER collectibles are well worth the investment.

Unique Cases

Military watches stand apart from other watch types due to quality, build, and durability. Another key feature to note are the cases themselves which are constructed out of titanium. The 3-GER case has a glass backing complete with two sapphires and carbon-fiber profiles.

For men searching for a watch that offers the best in durability and design, a military watch is the only choice. Each model is built to compliment any attire and is comfortable to wear. Luxury meets adventure with waterproofing and ball bearing watch bands that move when you do without breaking. No longer will you have to worry about searching for a loose pin that popped out of the banding or wonder if your watch will still be ticking after scuba diving along the coral reefs. Military watches are built to last. No matter what your taste in design is, these watches make excellent gifts for friends, family, or yourself. Buy one today and experience the difference from traditional watches. You’ll be glad you did.

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