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Why Mac Users Should Be Excited About MS Office 2019

The new Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac brings a new set of valuable features and enhancement for those who are yet to be cloud-connected. As one time release, you can download. Discussed below are new features that will make Mac users buy Microsoft office for mac.

Mac Users Should Be Excited About MS Office 2019

  1. Powerful Data Analysis

When it comes to data management, Microsoft Excel still remains to be one of the best analysis tools. Microsoft Office for Mac users can expect new formulas and charts. With improved formulas. It is much easier to analyze and present data in a format that is easy to comprehend. New charts include funnel timelines, 2D maps, and charts. Also, users have access to new function and connectors such as CONCAT, SWITCH, IFS and TEXTJOIN among others. Other notable features of Microsoft Office 2019 include Power Query and Power Pivot enhancements.

The new chart features on Excel display numeric data in a more compact visual layout. You can rely on them to draw meaningful relationships from your marketing data. The charts are attachable to a query or table and are customizable. You’ll also find them in Access, where they let you create combo, pie, bar, line and column charts.

  1. Better Email Management

If like using Outlook email management, then you will love Ms Office 2019 for Mac. The software comes with an intuitive interface that allows you to send, receive and manage your emails better. Besides, Microsoft has updated the Outlook’s contact cards, which makes it easy for users to share their contacts information with others easily.

Apart from the updated contact cards, users should look forward to a focused inbox, @mentions, travel package, Office 365 groups, send later functions to delay, travel, and delivery summary cards. With these new features, Microsoft has eliminated the common hassles with poor email management applications. The updated contact cards come handy when sorting out your email list. Microsoft added these new features to enable users to manage their emails more effectively and efficiently.

  1. Improved Inking Features

Microsoft Surface devices target creative, designers, marketers, and artists looking to take advantage of the digital pen. As a Mac user, the digital pen allows you to doodle, note or draw objects on a Microsoft Surface device. Office 2019 comes with improved inking features across all apps. The features include tilt effects, roaming pencil case and pressure sensitivity.

Tilt effects allow you to adjust the thickness of the ink depending on the pen’s angle. The roaming pencil case, on the other hand, helps you organize and store your favorite digital pens. These features are useful when creating your favorite drawings and icons.

  1. State of art presentation features

PowerPoint is one of the widely used presentation software. To help Mac users create intuitive and easy to follow presentation slides, Microsoft has added new features. One of the most important features is Morph and Zoom capability. These features help Mac users create stylish and sophisticated presentations. Other features include manage and insert icons, 3D model and SVG, Play in-click sequence and 4K video export. Besides, it is designed with inking characteristics such as roaming pencil, and tilting effects that allows you to create documents naturally.

  1. Accessibility Checker

It’s easy to stay productive when using a computer if the documents you’re working on are free of accessibility issues. The Accessibility Checker included in Office 2019 for Mac allows you to check whether your content is editable and readable by people of all abilities. You can run the tool before sharing a document/spreadsheet or sending your email message.

You can find the Accessibility Checker from the Review tab of Office 2019. Office 2019 apps that currently support the tool include PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. The tool gives you warnings, a list of errors and insightful tips on how to fix the errors.

  1. Microsoft Word

When Office 2019 for Mac was being revamped, Microsoft word was not left behind. One of the best features that you will enjoy is Focus Mode. Focus mode will help you complete your reports much easier. Besides, it will also block all distractions and place your content on the forefront. In addition, Microsoft also included accessibility upgrades like Read Aloud and time saver when editing of proofing your work. If you love dark themes, Microsoft now gives you an opportunity to change the classic blue theme to a dark one. Other features you will enjoy using include translators, learning tools, customizable ribbons and audio descriptions and text to speech.

  1. Third party add-in program

Add-in programs were first introduced in Office 2013. Thanks to the popularity of the platform, Microsoft has decided to include the add-in program with office 2019 for Mac. Microsoft has collaborated with different companies like Uber, Yelp and PickIt. The inclusion of these companies to Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac brings a programmatic solution development of solution-specific ribbons and buttons.

Summing Up

Accessibility, third party add-in programs, improved presentation features are just of the few features Mac users will enjoy while using Microsoft Office 2019. However, the improved features mostly favor marketers. They can take advantage of robust data analysis tools, improved inking features, and the email management tool on Office 2019 to stay productive.

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