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Why Hosted IVR is Helping Businesses Today?

Nowadays, businesses need efficient and effective strategies to be able to keep with the emerging trend of digital technology. One of the areas that need thorough consideration is the communication process. Whether traditional or digital business, communication is paramount to both sides.

But how would you ensure that your communication process is giving you an edge over your competitors? The answer lies in how you handle your business calls.

What is Hosted IVR?

Hosted IVR is a business call management solution that is designed exclusively to redirect client calls from virtual numbers to the exact individual within the company or to the concerned department in an automated way. It means that there is no need for human intervention to reroute calls or even answer incoming calls.

You might worry that it may sound robotic at the other end, but that is a total myth. In fact, you have all the capability of giving it a very warm welcome message coupled with a professional voice. Thus, providing a positive impression from your callers especially in cases of the first contact.

Listed below are some of the worth-pondering reasons why IVR is helping businesses today. Check them thoroughly since they might be applicable to your business as well.

Setting up is so easy and manageable – no, you are not the one who will set it up for the first time, so stop worrying, okay? It is your service provider that will set up everything for you for the first time. After that, all you need to do is work with the changes that you think would suit your preference or need for your communication with clients. And take note that there is no need for you to install any kind of hardware or software.

Automate your company’s call – before, we need an in-house receptionist to answer and transfer calls to the appropriate recipient. Gone are those days of manual call transferring. With an IVR system, inbound calls are automatically transferred to the right department without human intervention.

Provide a personal touch to your welcome message – the very first thing your callers will hear is your welcome message. With that alone, you must put an effort to make it sound professional yet warm and friendly at the same time. Integrating a hosted IVR system will allow you to upload your pre-recorded message of your own.

Diminish rate error in transferring calls – do you know that the IVR system has zero error rate in terms of transferring calls? Without jeopardizing your connectivity and speed, inbound calls are transferred to the intended recipients. With the absence of a human operator or receptionist, calls are transferred seamlessly, making it a very essential tool to consider for your organization.

Track your calling data through a hosted IVR panel – once you implement a virtual receptionist to your system, you can track your callers’ numbers, missed or received, in real-time. Not only that, but IVR will also provide details about the number of calls that were received or missed by your agents or appropriate recipients including the record of calls and your customers’ locations.

Provide an awesome customer experience – with this tool, you can provide your customer an awesome experience while interacting with your business. You can play different hold music to your IVR system while the call is on hold. In addition, you can create as many recordings as you want, and customize a professional welcome message. If you successfully handle their experience awesomely before reaching your agent, then you will certainly earn a positive impression from your customers.

Dialing extension – there will be times that your caller has already know the person or department they want to reach. In this case, all they have to do is dial the appropriate extension number and bypassing the IVR menus. Dialing extension saves your caller’s time and allows a quick yet successful transaction. A win-win situation for both parties.

24/7 customer support – we cannot deny the fact that some of your customers will call your office beyond working hours for whatever reasons they have. We can’t tell them not to do that or tell them to call only during office hours. This is a big no if you want to provide around-the-clock customer service. With an IVR solution, you can forward or incoming calls after business hours to your voicemail or another extension number. By doing this, you can be sure that there would be no missed calls that may result in losing a valuable customer. You can also create a voice message just like the following example:

“Thank you for calling ABC company. Kindly leave a message with your name and contact number and one of our agents will call you back as soon as available. Thank you. “

Create a poll using your IVR system – maximize the potential of your IVR by running a survey through your IVR system. This is an effective strategy if you want to learn more insight into your customers’ preferences and feedback about your business. Furthermore, surveys are designed to enhance your customer experience by gathering information about their product interests.

Final words

Now that you are fully aware of what a hosted IVR system can do for your business, it is up to you to decide whether you need to integrate one or not. Remember that even those highly successful companies have already adopted an IVR solution to provide seamless communication with their clients. And to enhance your business nationally or internationally, you should be able to follow their examples. There is no greater thing than getting ahead of your competitors.

If this seems overwhelming to you, don’t worry. All you have to do is visit Telnum. We have a wide range of cloud-based technology that you can choose from, including the hosted IVR solution. As a one-stop-shop virtual communication service provider, we pride ourselves on assisting our clients and providing them the best that we could offer. Visit our website at and our Tech Specialists are more than happy to assist you to answer all your related queries and concerns.

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