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7 Significant Reasons to Hide Your IP Address Online- Ultimate Guide

Your IP Address is your identification over the Internet. Using your IP Address anyone can track your online activities. You are assigned a date when you are born similarly IP Address is assigned when you are online Companies may tap your activities or keep a log of what you do online. It hampers your privacy or may someone spy on you, or use a personalised ads to earn personal benefit.  Other than these there are 7 significant reasons to hide your IP Addresses online. Usually people use the VPN to hide identity, but anyone can change IP Address without using VPN.

Significant Reasons To Hide Your IP Address Online

What Is an IP Address?

Every device connected to the Internet has a unique identifier that is called IP Address. IP Address is similar to House Address because both identify our physical location. Your IP Address is not allocated randomly. It is critically designed by IANA and is also responsible for managing domain names.

What Is An Importance Of Hiding Your IP Address?

Your online moments can be tapped and traceable easily using your IP Address. Keeping your IP Address unsafe will track your physical location leading you vulnerable for many dangers. There are some prominent reasons to hide IP Address that are:

1)Companies & Organisation Spy On You

When you are surfing online your physical location is tapped by company and organisation. They monitor your moves because they advertise the things you search and influence you to spend your money. The only way you can avoid this is by hiding your IP Address and then you will be able to browse anonymously.

2) Bypass Government Surveillance

The Government monitors every citizen online activity so you cannot unblock the content restricted by the Government. You try to access illegal content or restricted content without making your IP Address private leads to imprisonment or heavy charges. Government also uses a method of eavesdropping that means they can track your communication digitally. Phones can be remotely hacked to intercept the information delivered by sender to receiver.  IP Address plays a crucial role in keeping the sensitive data confidential so it is important to hide your IP Address.

3) Access Region Restricted Content

Many people have faced geo-restrictions on some content like Netflix being banned in China. To access the blocked content you need to mask your IP Address. It means your web location will be changed that enables you to access restricted content.

4)Search Engine Tracking

When you surf online on any search engine like Yahoo, Google, and Bing they keep logs of your online activity. They can easily target the audience and alter their search result that might be irritating for you at times. One of the common reasons to Hide your IP Address is to browse anonymously on search engines.

5) Get Around School and WorkPlace Restrictions

For instance if you like  to access social media while having evening break on your school or office computer but you cannot because of the system administrator because they can see everything. To access them you need to hide your IP Address.

6) Hide Identity On Public Wi-fi

If you are connected to public wifi or hotspot you have maximum chances that your sensitive data will be leaked. People using public wifi are easy targets for hackers because your IP Address is exposed. Keeping your IP Address protected is the only way of protection from hackers.

7) Enjoying Uninterrupted Internet

Some tracking of online activity is done by corporates for their advertising purpose. You will be annoyed by seeing unwanted ads and make the internet less secure. One of the important reasons to hide IP Address is to be free from annoying ads, tracker and prying eyes.

What Are The Ways To Hide Your IP Address?

Hiding IP Address gives you digital freedom to surf online anonymously. We will tell the fastest, safest, and easiest ways to hide your IP Address online.

Ways To Hide Your IP Address

  • Hide IP Address using VPN

Best way of hiding IP Address is using VPN because it is reliable and easily installed. Once you are connected to VPN your web location changes and also mask your IP Address.

  • Using A Proxy To Hide Your IP Address

You want to access the geo-restricted content that can only be possible when you fake your IP Address. Proxy helps in modifying search query by interrupting the sent request of the computer to the website server. Proxy connects the server to the IP Address of that country. This process is slow and is not strongly secured.

  • Use Tor To Hide IP Address

If you want to hide an IP Address for free then Tor is the best solution. Tor provides strong encryption due to multiple number of servers that protects your traffic. It is impossible for a hacker to trace your IP Address online. The firefox and Tor browser extension are best compatible for surfing anonymously.

  • Change Network To Hide IP Address

You can change your IP Address temporarily by connecting to some other internet connection like Public Wifi. You may be vulnerable to many attacks so you always connect to VPN.

  • Unplug Modem To Change IP Address

This option is a bit crazy but it changes your IP Address because your ISP is disconnected with IP Address. The IP Address can only be changed if your ISP consists of dynamic IP Addresses.

How To Check Your IP Address?

It is very important to check whether your IP Address changed or not. You should check after applying the way to hide IP Address and on regular intervals so that you don’t land in trouble. There are several IP checking tools available that show your IP Address and web location. In case it is not changed it shows the real IP Address and physical location.

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