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Why Encrypt Your Online Traffic with A VPN

The statement relating to someone always watching over your shoulder is a reality many of us ignore, despite knowing the consequences this may potentially pose. It’s an undeniable reality. Who’s marking your next move when you access different websites, make transactions, or work with sensitive data can always remain a mysterious entity. Thinking that everything you do is between two individuals is a far fetched reality in most people’s cases. With the rate of cyber crime at an all time high, there’s a trust that hardly exists. Staying away from online thefts and professional hackers is another priority task worth mentioning. The answer to this seemingly dreadful question is quite simple.

A VPN is just what you need to be on the right track for secure connectivity. So why invest in a VPN for online traffic encryption and what makes it so significant in today’s era is our topic of discussion. Let’s take a look. I believe it will be easier for you  to choose a best VPN with this discussion, as well with some VPN reviews that i suggest visiting https://itday.com.

What is the meaning of encryption?

The word encryption is a common term used in the world of technology that usually refers to the process through which data and messages are encoded. VPN encryption allows for VPN traffic to be encrypted by a sender, while the process of decryption is done by the receiver. By this method, users can be rest assured that all data and information being transferred remains secure. It should also be remembered that both the sending and receiving end possess an encryption key. This encryption key works to decipher the code and allow the users to understand one another. Without the presence of an encryption key, even the best hacker in the world can make no use of intercepted data traffic.

What makes VPN encryption the perfect solution?

Be it at home or on the go, VPN encryption is your one stop perfect solution for all your internet browsing activities. We all know that a VPN allows data to be transmitted through a secure tunnel, whenever the user decides to browse on the web. This means not having to worry about a loophole in your online security plan. Through this method, gone are the days of getting your data intercepted by a third party or an unsecured network.

Common types of VPN Encryption

When it comes to VPN encryption, there are a great number of types to choose from. Each VPN encryption comes attached with variable technologies. Factors such as availability, performance and protection also differ from one VPN encryption to another. The following examples are few of the many VPN encryption types available today:


Mainly used for L2PT connectivity networks, IPSec allows for end to end data encryption between both sender and receiver.


This option has been on the market for quite some time, commonly used by OpenVPN. Making use of 64 bit blocks, it does occasionally tend to face problems when encrypting data on a large scale.

AES- 128

This is the recommended VPN encryption type for OpenVPN protocol. Not only does it display better performance, it’s a popular choice when it comes to compatibility.

Why is VPN encryption for online traffic so necessary in today’s world?

Being aware of the benefits for online traffic encryption is so crucial in today’s day and age, where unauthorized data access is at an all time peak. The following reasons are large enough to make every user today invest in a VPN encryption for online traffic.

  • Brilliant way to protect confidential secret details and information
  • Helps to keep personal identity in disguise
  • Great method to provide protection against cyber crime mishaps like online thefts and frauds
  • Complete masking of online web activities
  • Greater liability for internet security protection
  • Anonymity maintained of the highest level
  • Location disguised from common in-use applications like Maps

A VPN is a simplified and quick solution that allows encryption of your data online at the IP level. From small scale individuals to large scale organizations, all sorts of sensitive data are immaculately secured in encrypted form. Being one of the most effective and common means through which web users can achieve data that is highly secure, it comes as no surprise that the number of VPN users continues to increase day by day.

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