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Why Educational Institutes Should Opt for Online Exam Software Right Away

With larger-than-life pandemic -Covid-19- looming over the horizon, conducting traditional exams seems to be a significant challenge these days.

However, thanks to online exam software, educational institutes won’t have to lose their sleep and feel helpless. The online exam software is programmed exactly in alignment with the needs of educational institutions, and it’s easier to operate as well.

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The Amazing Features of the Online Examination Platform

Imagine software creating exam papers on its own? And, that too within minutes? Yes, that’s the power of online exam software. Not just that, the exam builder sets up papers in a way that is engaging and even challenges students to think deep and wide. That’s exactly how ‘11 plus exam papers‘ works too. Their approach includes More exam choices, Detailed Analysis, real-like exams, more Challenging Questions and so on.

Additional features include

  • The software is easy to use
  • Avoids the possibility of cheating during exams.
  • Offers a wide range of questions – multiple text questions and multiple image-based questions, fill in the blanks, free texts, and video, and audio questions.
  • Create a question bank, too, with a list of essential questions. You can even use a personal question bank for creating exam papers.
  • You can even set pass and fail rules, the number of attempts by an individual user, and steps to reviewing the answers.
  • Set the time for the exam at the end.

The parameters are taken into account while conducting an online exam

#1. Subjective or objective exam

#2. Subjects

#3. Question Navigation

#4. Difficulty Level

#5. Timer

#6. Negative Marking

#7. Capturing of Candidate’s photo

#8. Result Processing

How does an Exam Software System work?

An online examination system is quite convenient, handy, and suitable for current times as compared to the traditional software. For one, it can be easily installed to conduct exams. Another thing being, it has modifiable source code, which means you can customize it as per your requirements. These two incredible benefits make it the most preferred mode for online assessment.

Sure enough, there are excellent exam software solutions as well, with additional features. Nevertheless, the demand for free ones is more than the paid ones in the market.

Exam Software Users

The following institutions employ exam software solutions

  • Universities, schools, colleges, educational institutes are conducting GRE, CAT, GATE and so on.
  • Civil Services, Engineering Services, Railways etc.
  • Business and companies for conducting promotional exams to see whether the candidates are up to speed with current technologies
  • Short-term value addition tests for which online examinations are taken

 Benefits of Online Exam Software

#1.  Students can appear for exams over a cup of coffee

No more exam fever! No more headaches! In fact, students can take exams in a stress-free manner over a cup of coffee and within the comforts of their home. Plus, students even in remote areas can easily appear for exams

#2. Reduces administrative burden

Online exam software has cut down administrative costs significantly. No printing of exam papers, no booking of exam venues, no recruiting of examination staff, and so on. According to studies, one can cut down administrative costs almost by 50-60%. Plus, you can easily conduct large scale exams. And if you ask me if a person in the Philippines and a person in the Middle east can appear for the same paper? The answer is: Yes. And also in their  language. And all these won’t cost much.

 #3. Covers all kinds of questions

From multiple choices, essays to game-style quizzes, and more, online exam software makes it possible to integrate all possible formats. The subject expert can come up with a different method to determine student understands of the fundaments. All thanks to online exam software!

#4. Highly secure yet simple

Exams papers require high security. Plus, they are stored in strong rooms. No more. The papers can be programmed in such a way that only the test-takers will be able to open it. More than anything, they are highly secure systems that come with great simplicity.

#5. Environment friendly

Since there’s no paper usage, you don’t have to end up cutting trees for more paper. This means deforestation won’t happen in the name of the paper. Isn’t that a good enough reason to switch to an online examination software system?

A few free best exam software solutions:    

#1. TCExam

TCExam is an open-source Computer-Based Assessment system. This online exam solution can be used for conducting online quizzes, tests, and examinations. It is platform-independent, language-independent, system programmed to support all W3C standards and guidelines.

#2. Edu Expressions

This online exam system is designed for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Yes, it’s paid one, but then it’s good at conducting online examinations with ease. Developed by Zuxus Business Solution Pvt. Ltd. it’s a native mobile app for Android-based systems.

#3.  Papershala

Papershala, is again a popular online examination software that sits perfectly with the needs of a coaching institute that’s into conducting online papers provides instant results, and also students’ analysis. The software is budget-friendly, so it perfectly suits the requirements of small institutes and is an ideal tool for conducting instant online exams.

Then there are popular free online exam software out there such as Think Exam, Testpress, Edbase, QuizCV, and more.

 The marketplace for exam solutions is growing day by day, and with Coronvirus showing no signs of fading, it might only get a further push.  And if you opt for exam software solutions with advanced assessment technologies, then be assured that you could conduct all sorts of exams easily and effortlessly.

One of the major advantages of this software is that candidates will be able to take the exams from anywhere in the globe. And with remote internet access and impenetrable security measures, the portal could be accessed by all examiners. This means anyone can conduct e-xams from any location.

So, it comes as no surprise that many universities, businesses, and organizations are going the e-xams ways.

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