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The Best Technology Websites

If you like technology and are always looking for technological news, in this article we will talk about the main American technology news sites. On these sites, you will find information and updates on technology, gadgets, social networks, and the latest web, such as Google, Apple, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


Among the best sites, this is the best technology news site for information about gadgets, technology, smartphone reviews, technology videos. Cnet also covers the latest topics, such as smart home devices and electronic accessories related to cars. Cnet publishes unbiased product reviews and teaches users to learn how to get most devices. Cnet also offers free downloads for software, software, and mobile games on its website, which is why this website is at the top of American high-end news sites.


Mashable.com, founded in 2005 by Pete Cashmore, is a good website that each technician will relate to. They post about the latest technology, gadget reviews, social media tips. They also cover new technology-related startups. Every day they will publish three to five new articles so that users can cover all the news of the day.

3. Technologers.com

Technologers.com is the Indian Tech blog which mainly focuses on detailed top 10 review software along with some other topics like Mobile apps, games, how to guide and more. Domain registration in 2012 so it is very old in terms of years.


TheVerge, founded in 2011 in partnership with Voz da Mídia, became very popular in a very short time. It covers most technology topics such as smartphones, Apple, Android, iOS, Google, laptop reviews, and tablet reviews, etc. Verge allows readers to compare product specifications and the availability of research products.
Product reviews for consumer electronics, laptops, and smartphones are the most reviewed products. The product will receive a “Verge Score” out of 10. Users can also send evaluations remotely from the products they have purchased.


TechCrunch, one of the leading technology news sites that provide innovative technology news on everything related to new technologies. They also review the latest Internet products and watch startups profiling. TechCrunch.com has 12 million unique visitors to date and 37 million views per month and this statistic shows how popular this site is. They also have a different product price base and are used by companies, companies, and investors. This product would be useful for technicians who would like to know about startups and popular companies.

6. Regendus.com

regendus founded in 2006, is now the world’s largest online publisher providing the latest information on internet technology, new devices, and information related to technology companies. More than the publishing company, it seems that a blog and the web site’s user interface are very simple and relatively easy to use compared to other technology news sites. In addition, they organize conferences especially for tech freaks to connect them in one place and they are doing these conferences all over the world.


Engadget, founded in 2004, is a web magazine that covers information related to consumer electronics and gadgets on a daily basis. Engadget also covers the games, arts, culture and science section to increase its presence on websites related to technology news.


Digital trends are the source for A premium to get the latest technology information and unbiased product reviews for laptops, tablets, smartphones, HDTVs, and smartwatches. Digital Trends’ mission is to help its visitors understand new technologies and to update their lives. Their motto is that each coach is related. We love, live, and breathe technology.


Techradar, as the name suggests covers technological news related to all things new for smartphones, tablets, and laptops. They also publish top smartphone rankings annually. Techradar also includes news about new cameras, uses, Android applications, and iOS applications.


Arstechnica, founded in 1998, one of the oldest technological innovations has become a reliable source for the latest scientific advances, technical policy analysis, hardware performance analysis, game analysis. They also created ars in 2001, it is the first type of IT publication that covers the game and technology-related news and first to create that ars in a pdf document and ebook at that time.


Tech2, The Network18 online venture is now the broadest reach technology. The website’s brand core provided text, audio and video content to technicians. It provides regular updates on newly launched devices, products are arriving and are increasingly present in our daily lives. The sites also provide regular personal technology podcasts for tech freaks.

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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