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Why Do You Need Sharepoint Integrated Services For Your Business?

Microsoft SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform from Microsoft.

From a technical point of view, there are different SharePoint services, such as Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), the Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS), and the Microsoft search server. All of this range of SharePoint services is incorporated with unique functionality.

Why Do You Need Sharepoint Integrated Services For Your Business

Windows SharePoint Services offers its users access to versioning and check-in/checkout functionality. MOSS complements WSS by adding additional features. Microsoft Search Server offers cutting-edge indexing and searching capabilities. All these components can be integrated into a MOSS web-based interface.

Understanding what SharePoint migration is

A SharePoint migration is a process of transitioning all of your material and current solutions from your existing SharePoint or file share to a new or existing environment with a revamped version.

A company chooses to migrate to or between editions of SharePoint for a variety of reasons, one of which is to enjoy the benefits of the latest technology along with the collaboration and productivity capabilities that come with the new version. The SharePoint Migration option you select is entirely dependent on your company’s needs, objectives, and goals.

Types of SharePoint

Based on your cooperation needs and budget, your company may select one of the following choices.

  1. Keeping SharePoint On-Premises- You can choose to stick with SharePoint On-Premises if you do not want to modify the solution design, collaboration model, or IT infrastructure and expect to continue using your solution for years. Because your corporate data will be stored on your firm’s premises, you won’t have to worry about compliance or information protection. To meet the rising expectations of your subscribers, you may continue to enhance your SharePoint version using Microsoft-backed upgrade mechanisms.

The Advantages of Migrating to SharePoint On-Premises

It aims to provide a comprehensive solution for safeguarding your critical corporate data.

It keeps adjustments suited to your company’s needs.

The Drawbacks of Migrating to SharePoint On-Premises

It involves the physical server, hardware infrastructure, and a dedicated budget and maintenance team. Direct transfers that skip numerous SharePoint versions might be difficult. Additional work is required to enjoy the appearance and feel facilitated by the digital version’s features.

Certain benefits, such as home sites, hub sites, and SharePoint Spaces, available in SharePoint Online are not available even in the latest SharePoint On-Premises version.

  1.  Choosing SharePoint Online: SharePoint Online, as a cloud-based solution, provides organisations with all of the benefits of the cloud, such as anytime-anywhere availability, inconvenience-free maintenance, and considerable cost benefits. It relieves you of the stress and cost of maintaining your hardware infrastructure and employees, as well as timely maintenance in terms of updates. As a result, it’s suitable for firms with limited resources and those who don’t require much customization.

The advantages of migrating to SharePoint Online

It is a substantially less expensive choice, with no upfront costs for infrastructure or personnel.

It’s ideal for businesses without a committed workforce to oversee SharePoint implementations.

It provides all cloud-related capabilities such as automatic version updates, increased collaboration, hassle-free external user management, cost-effectiveness, and some capabilities that are not accessible on on-premises editions such as PowerApps, Delves, Flow, and Microsoft Graph.

The drawbacks of migrating to SharePoint Online

With major functional variations, you must either delete or restructure your MySites (assuming you have any as a SharePoint On-Premises user).

Companies may feel less confident storing extra-sensitive data in the cloud. When compared to SharePoint On-Premises, there are fewer customisation options.

Some customers may find a monthly membership to be more onerous than a one-time expenditure.


Businesses nowadays are looking for SharePoint integration services for the smooth functioning of their operations as well as the maintenance of their data. The SharePoint integration services aid in incorporating and leveraging the benefits provided by Microsoft to a large number of users.

If you are looking to engage in SharePoint migration services, then worry not. We are here to provide you with a fine experience in choosing for yourself and your business a top-notch SharePoint migration service.

At Prakash Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, you will meet all your demands, and we strive to provide you with a quality product and a memorable experience. There is no compromise on standards and no delay in delivery. Decide what SharePoint service you want your business to be integrated with, get your checklists prepared, and you are all set to hunt for your SharePoint developers.

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