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Why Destiny 2 Succeed Than the Original.


Destiny 2 succeeds where the original failed the most. It delivers a story driven campaign good enough to match its finely tuned first-person shooter gameplay and great looks.

Gathering loot and upgrades through missions and activities was my fire team and then finally running the climactic raid together was a blast.

And every time I thought I was scraping the bottom destiny 2 teach me was more to see and do that was just a few light levels away. The opening moments destiny to delivers Dominus golf an excellent antagonist whose cruelty deserves our fury.

The campaign is filled with brilliant cutscenes that give the cast an opportunity to show great emotional range and you can hear the sadness and determination in their voices.

“Believe if the light can find its way back to you then perhaps there was hope for us all” that context kept me moving forward through fun missions set in eye catching environments including the exhilarating penultimate mission.

While the final boss was underwhelming, I was left hungry to learn more about the world of destiny. Thankfully the excellent quests and more elaborate strikes add much improved boss encounters and an extra dose of story.

The four world maps do a fantastic job of setting the tone – whether it’s the milky waterfalls or the overgrown European dead zone each offers a colorful and unique palette to explore as you acquire, their plentiful Luke.

Bungie encourages you to take all this in by withholding the fast-moving sparrow for a little too long in order to force you to walk through it the first time. Meanwhile a soaring soundtrack packs pulse-pounding missions before shifting gears to evoke a tinge of sadness.

The first destiny is a strong first-person shooter, but subtle touches have made a big difference in destiny – when it comes to making moment-to-moment combat more explosive and exciting.

Popping an enemy shield with the right damage type or watching the soul of the Fallen escape its body as you execute a headshot are welcomed bursts of validation.

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And whoa there aren’t a ton of different weapon types the constant gear drops with game-changing exotic weapons and mods propel your power level higher creating that feeling of growing strength and readiness to take on all challengers.

The Titan warlock and hunter classes have been simplified relative to destiny, but each still have distinct abilities that work well together with traditional tank support and DPS roles.

Figuring out how to use subtle customizations and weapon pairings to make the most out of your chosen build is still a rewarding puzzle to solve.

The hunter Todd seems underpowered without certain gear though since the other classis’s abilities have a clearer immediate benefit to the team. The biggest change to balance is the smart adjustment to one-hit kill power weapons. In the player versus environment or PvE areas the bright purple ammo packs are in constant supply. But in competitive game types it can only be acquired by one player when the power ammo spawns in on its timer leading to more explosive moments and fewer cheap deaths.


Thankfully the more standard kinetic and energy weapons feel balanced across the board. Another major shift from destiny is that the competitive experience of destiny 2 relies more on team-based tactics.

Moving away from destiny is one-man army style that usually works well since many of the PVP maps are well suited for the new 4 versus 4 teams.

But if you feel a tad too large this makes it easy and strategic to avoid the other team often causing competitive playlist matches to drag on way too long.

Destiny 2 succeeds in many ways but after around 10 hours of story missions’ quests and strike missions a few issues started to annoy me.

For example, explanations of important systems like it’s odd gear modifiers or how to get your light level ready for the Leviathan raid are noticeably absent.

One of my biggest annoyances is that you’re forced to queue for random strikes or crucible modes and there’s no penalty for dropping out of an activity you didn’t want.

On the positive side jumping from planet to planet or mode to mode is snappy and fast but it can leave non fire team members stranded when three people leave the crucible at once

The Leviathan raid and it’s smaller endgame cousin the nightfall are the premier PvE events of destiny 2 and they’re designed to keep hardcore destiny players like me coming back.

The nightfall does this by forcing your three-person fireteam to formulate a plan going in so you can capitalize on the rotating modifiers.

 There’s a lot of skill and strategy that goes into a nightfall strike especially if you’re attempting to complete some of the harder sub quests at the same time making these challenges highly repayable.


destiny 2’s Leviathan rate continues to live up to bungees high standards offering new and buried puzzles and challenging boss battles that require six well-coordinated players to pull off.

On like Destiny’s previous raids this one dishes out some interesting story revelations too.

A few bugs forced us and other raid teams to restart several times and Sully my otherwise amazing experience, but Bungie says it’s working to address that issue.

With all of these engaging activities there are thirty to forty hours of great gameplay waiting for you in Destiny 2, before even considering the raid. However, when you approach max light level there

are only a few activities to participate in to get raid ready. But if destiny 2, evolves as well as bungees roadmap promises there’s even more on the way. Destiny 2 is a blast out of the gate thanks to its excellent co-op shooter gameplay and strong storytelling in the campaign.

Not all the features I’d expect to find are there but it does deliver the same kind of highly social gameplay and rewarding a loot driven progression that helped the original keep me hooked for hundreds of hours.

The main concerns right now are a few bugs and lack of event options, but I’ll be sticking around to see this big action-packed universe develops over time.

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