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People Buy From People and That Became the Key to My Succesful Online Selling Journey

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<p>We, humans, are social creatures. Every word that comes out of our mouth comes out with a sole purpose – to convince the listener.</p>
<p>Whether we buy an argument, an idea, or a product, it is ultimately people from whom we buy it. </p>
<p>This discovery about the human thought process changed the way I perceived life and success. Despite my interest in business, I always shied away from pursuing business as a career.</p>
<p>It is at this juncture that a friend introduced the concept of reselling to me. I knew about sales and marketing, but reselling was an alien concept to me. The next few weeks led me to multiple reselling websites and apps.</p>
<h3>What do I like About Reselling?</h3>
<p>Although business fascinated me more than anything else, I never dared to start one. I always thought that it takes a lot of money to start a business. Reselling, as a business, proved me wrong.</p>
<p>The following are the most prominent reasons why I chose reselling as a career.</p>
<h4>1. Simple Eligibility Criteria</h4>
<p>Take any field, you have to be an expert to excel in the business. Compare this with reselling, and anyone can be a business-person and earn a decent income. The only requirements are a reseller app, a mobile phone, and a bank account for transferring the income.</p>
<h4>2. No Investment in Advertising and Marketing</h4>
<p>Almost all businesses spend hefty amounts on brand promotion and marketing. Reselling is probably the only business where your investment is zero. All you need to do is to forward the product catalogue to your existing contacts, and the moment they buy a product, you earn commissions. </p>
<h4>3. Retaining Customers is Not a Challenge Anymore</h4>
<p>A business can become successful only if old customers keep coming back. A one-time wonder cannot survive for long. Hence, business houses often roll out discount offers and cashback to retain their past customers.</p>
<p>As a reseller, you do not have to take this as a challenge. Since the customers are your contacts, you share a better rapport with them. You may use this rapport to upsell or resell products.</p>
<h4>4. Continuous Active or Passive Income</h4>
<p>My reselling business on <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.selltm.app">Selltm App</a> generates both an active as well as a passive income for me. I make active income by reselling a wide range of male clothing. The passive income is through referrals. </p>
<h3>How Does a Reseller Earn Money?</h3>
<p>In traditional marketing, a product goes through multiple vendors before ending up in the hands of the end customer. Reselling does away with so many vendors.</p>
<p>When we register with a reseller, we become affiliate marketers. The reselling platform directly procures products from manufacturers, and, we as affiliate marketers, sell it to our contacts. We get a commission on every successful sale order. </p>
<h3>Why Did I Choose Selltm?</h3>
<p>I decided to start my business by selling men's apparel clothing as I was interested in that domain, and most of my circle also consisted of men. </p>
<p>Before choosing Selltm, I tried multiple reselling apps and websites. After working for many months, I realised that the best app to work with, as a reseller, is <a href="https://www.selltm.com/">Selltm</a>.</p>
<p>The following features of Selltm attracted me the most.</p>
<h4>1. Best in Class Commissions</h4>
<p>Selltm offers some of the most exceptional rewards for a reseller like me. For example, every mobile recharge I do on the app credits 4% to my account. For DTH recharges, I earn a 3% commission. </p>
<h4>2. Wide Range of Products</h4>
<p>Variety is everything for a reseller. Most reseller apps I installed offered only a handful of products. Selltm has on display millions of products across different categories.</p>
<p>For the men's apparel domain as well, their catalogue has a good variety. This variety helps me to market the products to a diverse range of clientele. </p>
<h4>3. Referral Income</h4>
<p>In addition to earning an active income by reselling products, I also earn passive income by sharing my referral link. Every time my referral sells something, I earn commissions. </p>
<h3>How Selltm Helped Me to Establish My Reselling Business</h3>
<p>For me, Selltm is the 'best of the best' reseller app for the following reasons:</p>
<h4>1. Trendy Products at Cheap Price</h4>
<p>The products I get for reselling on the app are fashionable, up to date, and time tested. I never get such ultra-modern products at a lesser price on any other app.</p>
<h4>2. Top-Class Products</h4>
<p>All products listed on the app go through multiple rounds of quality testing. As a reseller, credibility should be at the top of your business checklist. Thankfully, Selltm takes care of my concern, and I can sell all products without worrying about the quality. </p>
<h4>3. Simple Returns</h4>
<p>Returning a product is as easy as buying it. Just one call at the customer care number is all it takes to return any product. </p>
<h4>4. Flexible Payment</h4>
<p>Flexible payment options like prepaid and cash on delivery make buying a pleasurable experience.</p>
<h4>5. Daily Payments</h4>
<p>With Selltm, I sell and earn on the go, every day. So, no more waiting for a week or a fortnight to receive payments. </p>
<h3>How Did I Get My First Order?</h3>
<p>Selling on Selltm is simple. I installed the app, registered myself, and started selling. I used social networking websites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and the likes to promote the products.</p>
<p>My first client was a Professor at our college. She bought a shirt for her spouse. I sent the link to her Whatsapp number, she opened it and bought, and I received Rs. 250/- as a commission on the same day. </p>
<p>Ever since my first sale, I never looked back. As my clients kept on increasing, so did my income. </p>
<h3>Things I Learned as an Online Reseller</h3>
<p>1. Never over-burden your customers by sharing links too often.</p>
<p>2. Keep an eye on the latest trends.</p>
<p>3. Stay connected with your customers and ask about their feedback. </p>
<p>I could never imagine that earning can be so easy. Selltm fulfilled my dream of becoming a businessman, that also without any investment. So, install the app, promote products, and see your bank account balance increase by the day.</p>

Brian Flores
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