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Why Choose Flutter For Your App Development Needs?

The aim of any company no matter what its size is – whether it is a mom and pop shop or a Fortune 500 company with thousands of employees, the possibility of going mobile at the back of a cost-effective solution and a quick time to market is always a welcoming one.

This low cost and fast go to market time combination is what together makes cross-platform one of the most ideal solutions for businesses looking to opt for mobility.

In fact, it is also the primal reasons why a cross-platform framework like React Native was ideated in the first place.

And upon seeing the popularity of React Native among the entrepreneurs, a new chain of event started. One that started with developers learning the technology and then alternative tech operatives launching their own cross-platform framework to receive the same welcome from the market.

One such tech giant which followed the React Native’s footstep was Google.

Google launched its own cross-platform app development framework, Flutter some two-three years back (at the time of writing this article) with the hope of getting the same share of interest that Facebook was receiving at the back of React Native.

The end result of their expansive efforts was a framework that started being denoted as a much-improved version of React Native. A denotion that started the trend of React Native vs Flutter debate.

And within no time, Flutter started seeing a mass adoption from both entrepreneurs and developers community who were waiting for a framework that would solve all the persistent React Native issues.

Now if we talk about today, Flutter has found itself sitting on top of an adoption rate which is on an all-time high.

But what is it about this framework that the world is trying to get its hand on it and move their business on the ecosystem?

Let’s find out in this article here.


                                                                  Why Should Businesses Choose Flutter?

There are a number of reasons that have over time validated the benefits of choosing Flutter app development over any other cross-platform framework or even the Native app development approach. Let us look at them individually here.

Increased Developers’ Productivity

There are a number of Flutter features that tend to have an impact on increasing the developers’ productivity and lowering their overall time of development. But the one that shows the clearest of the effects is Stateful Hot Reload.

The Flutter feature enables developers to look at the outcome of their code in real-time. They no more have to write a line of code and compile it to see its result on the application’s look and feel. It all happens in real time, automatically.

This cut down of additional time not just makes the developers more productive but also bring down the billable hours and cost.

Powerful UI Design

Flutter comes with the power of material design attached at its back. The framework comes with widgets that are seemingly made for the two individual platforms.

Unlike the other cross-platform frameworks where developers get to play with a limited set of UI – which falls in an either or scenario, Flutter offers widgets with the look and feel of both Android and iOS individually. This is one of those important points that make Flutter a near-native framework.

The Firebase Partnership 

Firebase offers clear support for realtime databases, hosting, cloud storage, cloud functions, authentication, etc in addition to a number of other things.

The outcome of the Firebase association are many – the infrastructure becomes scalable serverless, and redundant. In short, by adopting Flutter, companies no more have to put in resources and time for extensive backend development.

Now Flutter comes powered with Firebase support, meaning all the benefits that Firebase has to offer are availed by entrepreneurs with their Flutter investment.

The Fuschia Factor

Even though the power of Fuschia operating system will take some time in getting revealed to the world, we know it will be Flutter centric. The soon to be launched IoT driven OS is touted to be the base of AR and VR – one that would bring Chrome and Android together while being the heart of million internet of things devices which we expect to come into the business existence in the time to come.

Now with that in Google’s plan, an application made on the framework that has been ideated by the same company to make cross-platform efficient will hands-down get its share of privileges.

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