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Why Choose A Commercial Induction Cooktop

Chefs all around the globe recommend commercial induction cooktops as the go-to solution for a variety of cooking practices. In a commercial kitchen, an induction stove can offer several benefits in terms of time and cost-effectiveness. Induction is based on a magnetic field that leads to magnetic currents, which ultimately heat your pots, rather than the cooktop itself. If you are interested in commercial induction cookers, read on to find out the main advantages of using such tech in commercial kitchens.

Why Choose A Commercial Induction Cooktop

Why is induction better than gas or electric cooking? 

We asked famous chefs to answer this question, and each one of them got us the same answer. Using a commercial induction cooker offers an exquisite taste to any dish you might make. Besides, these induction cooktops are easy to clean and maintain, a benefit that chefs cherish much when it comes to cooking in a commercial kitchen. Of course, there is quite a bundle of advantages that come from using a commercial induction cooker as depicted up next.

Why should you choose a commercial induction cooktop?

So, chefs say that induction cooking is the best, and it is the go-to solution for any reputable commercial kitchen. The reasons why chefs recommend induction cooktops, include:

#1 It is a cost-effective solution 

Commercial induction cooktops come with an automatic detection feature.This greatly improves safety protection and cooking efficiency.For another,the commercial induction stove can be up to 50% more efficient when compared to the gas alternative. When you use induction stoves, you will not need expensive gas safety locks or other security measures to prevent accidents.

#2 It is the safest way for cooking 

Commercial kitchens are usually busy, and everything moves around at a rapid pace. This is why chefs recommend the commercial induction cooktop. It does not lead to hot surfaces, while the safety lock option can be helpful for schools with kitchen. Also, because there are no flames or electric elements involved, the risk of starting a fire is extremely low. 

#3 It is simple to clean and maintain

When we asked chefs why do they prefer induction cookers, they answered the same. Commercial induction cooktops are the easiest to clean, as the majority are toughened with a glass resistant to dirt. If you happen to spill something, it won’t stick, and you can remove it with only one clean cloth. Besides, some types of commercial induction cooktops come with a mobile unit, that permits easy access for cleaning behind the unit.

#4 It is flexible

A commercial induction cooker is perfect for all types of cooking, especially Asian dishes. Moreover, the specially designed pots for such stoves, allow the chefs to mix and match all sorts of flavors. Chefs love commercial induction cooktops because they come with distinct designs, according to their specifications.

Why Choose A Commercial Induction Cooktop

What is the best commercial induction cooktop accordingly to chefs?

Chefs recommend the countertop induction cooktops available at Smabo. Designed from durable and qualitative materials, the products at Smabo are the best commercial kitchen gear you will find on the market. Their products come with a wide array of applications, such as residential, restaurants, cooking stations, catering, and many more. And chefs recommend their products because of the outstanding anti-slip foot design. This prevents scratches from appearing on the table surface, while dirt can be removed almost without effort. The advanced induction heating technology used by Smabo makes their commercial induction cooktops one of the best appliances for commercial kitchens.

Now you’ve got the major benefits of a commercial induction cooktop. If it is not on your radar yet, go get one to upgrade your commercial kitchen. And you can make a perfect start with Smabo.

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