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Why Bluetooth Speakers Are Awesome

Technology is advancing at an alarming rate. Speakers are no different. Speakers are getting the 21st-century makeover alike to the original cellular phone. Amazing innovators have incorporated Bluetooth technology into the original speaker giving it an equivalent makeover to the “SmartPhone”. Bluetooth Speakers are amazing and in comparison to the smartphone goes above and beyond in what it can do. Here’s why you should be excited.

Bluetooth Speakers

It can serve as a personal assistance.

Amazon Echo is one of the greatest examples of why Bluetooth speaker are so influential. Amazon Echo can do a variety of tasks like scheduling appointments or solving small math problems. You can also use Amazon Echo to play small minigames and have small, humorous conversations.  You can use this technology for anything in your daily life by giving simple speech commands. Among that, you can order a Lyft, Uber, or a simple Dominos pizza.

Bluetooth Speakers

Waterproof and loud

Most Bluetooth speakers are waterproof. They are also very unsusceptible to any sorts of damage and have tons of longevity compared to other wireless devices. They’re also very light and can be easily placed in any location throughout your house. In addition, -speaking of the higher end devices- they also are extremely loud and can fill your whole house with your favorite songs. The loudness can also be used in family settings and mix that with the waterproof technology and this can be used for pool parties.

It can control your house.

In the IOT (internet of things) department they believe everything can be controlled through a computer. Some computer scientist and IT specialist see Bluetooth speakers being the motherboard or HAL 9000 of your house. They see Bluetooth speakers developing into being the overall control system throughout houses. With the installation of several Bluetooth speakers installed throughout one’s house, he/she can give the house commands from anywhere. Also, technology is developing voice recognition software to recognize a specific voice and commands. This means that it can be specialized to take orders from one person -or the admin- and ignore everyone else.

It can control your car.

Tesla is currently the leading car company in technological advances. The Tesla P90D is considered to be a technological masterpiece. The autopilot feature has won tons of awards and gave Elon Musk the status of the inventor of the year. Their biggest and most popular edition in their vehicles is the autonomous driving mode. In the near future, people see Tesla incorporating Bluetooth speakers in their cars. These Bluetooth features could be incorporated into your house, like door locking  your Tesla while you’re in the restroom or starting your Tesla to warm it up while you’re getting ready.

Bluetooth Speakers are the future

Any technology can be infused with Bluetooth speakers giving it endless possibilities. There isn’t a limit to what developers could do with Bluetooth speakers. The technology could change lives and change our everyday routine and society as a whole. For now, we’re in the beginning stage of this technology, but as it continues to develop we could be living in a society ruled by smart houses and smart cars. This is just a prototype of what is to come with Bluetooth Speakers.

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