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Which Are the Top Turntable Isolation Platforms?

Which Are the Top Turntable Isolation Platforms

What is an isolation platform?

Isolation platform is a system that controls any extra vibration or distortion in the sound that might create any non-cooperative situation for the music. Its job is to balance the sound by placing the turntable to its place.

Factors to consider while purchasing a Turntable Isolation Platform

Size – of course you can’t buy an elephant if you don’t have a space to keep it. Same is the case with isolation platforms. You will need to measure the dimensions and size of the deck. You may use inch tape or a measuring scale for knowing the proportion.

Weight – a soft cozy device will not do the job. Make sure that platform is heavy enough to carry the weight of the player. If you go for a foam or rubber material platform, it will not be able to hold the player, resulting in it deforming its shape.

Footers – few people want to enjoy every inch of music hence they prefer buying footers for their players. It’s all over you that you would spend a little more to get a footer for yourself. Sometimes footers come along the platforms and sometimes they have to be purchased separately. If you are a musicholic, then footers are your thing.

Best Turntable Isolation Platform

Gingko Audio Cloud 11 Vibration Control Platform

Gingko Audio Cloud 11 is a vibration control platform which has the characteristics of deep divots beneath the platform, in order to hold on nine balls. This characteristic makes it a sturdy and safe for the turntable. The thick bottom of the device makes sure that it reduces 99% of the external vibration.

The dimensions of Gingko Audio Cloud 11 are 22.25”x17.25”x2.5”. It is capable of carrying heavy weights and ensures safety of the turntable.

Dawn’s Depot Maple Audio Isolation Platform

This is made up of hard rock maple, and has been an old school method for controlling vibration absorption. It’s simple design makes it usable and looks very modern but futuristic. It plays a vital role in balancing the perfect tone and reducing the vibration. Its aesthetic looks make it a best option for a room. It comes in two sizes in order to be a best fit according to the room size, as we mentioned above that size matters a lot you cannot fix a large object into a small space.

Butcher Block Acoustics Audio Isolation Platform

Another option in the directory is Butcher Block Acoustics Audio Isolation Platform that is available in two sizes. The first one is 19”x16”x1.75 and the other is 22”x16”x1.75. It is made up of high quality maple. It also varies in two different colors. The colors are; walnut (a darker brown) and maple (a lighter beige)  .This means you have a huge ground of different choices. It also offers pairing service with other turntable accessories. This has often received criticism for having a wooden block, but woods are usually resistant against vibration.

Turntable Isolation Platform has also received a huge response on Scat Records.

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