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What You Need To Remember When Hiring The Right Tables And Chairs For An Event

One important aspect in organizing an event is getting tables and chairs, and far more important is hiring the right people to supply the tables and chairs for your event. There are a lot of options, designs and types of fixtures out there aimed at different events. Some tables and chairs for events like weddings are more high end, while some for birthday parties are quite simple. Whatever the occasion is, there are a few things to always keep in mind when getting the right chairs and tables for your event. Let’s take a look at each of them.

What You Need To Remember When Hiring The Right Tables And Chairs For An Event

Know where to place the tables and chairs

Placing the tables and chairs is vital in every event, so decide first the best place to put them. If the weather is permitting, an outdoor setup and a little bit of fresh air would do you and your guests good. However, you’d be better off if you checked in advance what the weather would be like on the day of your event.

Seating arrangement is equally as vital as the placement of the tables and chairs in your event. Do your event right with proper seating arrangement so people would know where to sit. You wouldn’t put two people at odds with each other on the same table, would you? Family, guests of honor or primary sponsors are always seated in the center in weddings, for example, while all other guests could be seated in how they know the event’s hosts. However, a lot more equipment will be placed in your venue aside from the tables and chairs, so take that into consideration as well. Spaces for AV systems, DJ booths, raised platforms or stages, and even a portion of the venue where all the people can stand should be allocated properly.

Make adequate room for all your guests

One thing to consider is, there should be enough space in between the table and chairs for attendees and guests to move around. Additionally, servers would be going about the room serving food and drink to your guests all the time. The last thing you would want to happen is utter chaos when servers accidentally spill drinks on your guests because there is not enough space for them to move around. Before the event proper, it wouldn’t be wrong to have a dry run with the servers so you can get a feel for how much space there is in the venue, including the tables and chairs. That way, the servers could acquaint themselves with your venue, and your event would go smoothly on the day itself.

Decor is an important part of event fixtures

It is possible to save a lot of money by dressing up old chairs and tables and decorating them accordingly. Tables and chairs suppliers may not always rent out their equipment so cheaply, so there’s nothing stopping you from using older fixtures and redecorating them. Make sure to research different designs that best fit the theme of your event, though. This is the part where you can put your creative juices to work. You can get themes and ideas from the internet and many DIY strategies to redecorate your fixtures. This is the part where you can recycle old materials. Not only will you save money, but you also helped save the environment.

Know how many guests are coming

It is a must to know the number of people who are expected to attend the event. From there, you will have an approximate number you can give to the tables and chairs for hire service for the event. Remember to add RSVP details to your invites so your guests could respond as early as possible and avoid any last-minute responses and attendees, whereby the tables and chairs you rented are lacking for your event. As a contingency, make sure to leave at least 2 or 3 tables empty for anyone who might decide to come at the last minute. One easy way to confirm the people who will attend your event is checking on Facebook. That way, you get an even clearer picture as to how many guests are coming.

Getting the right number of tables and chairs is an important item on your checklist for a successful event. Not many think this way, but tables and chairs play a pivotal role in the event’s success. Since there are a lot of things you need done for your event, don’t spend too much time on deciding the tables and chairs. Make sure to get the services of a reliable supplier and inspect what they have to offer so you can make sure your rented fixtures are in good working condition.

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