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What Would Be The Future Technology Of Cars?

Technology is developing at a rapid pace. The automobile industry is constantly incorporating new technological developments to enhance safety, entertainment and functionality of cars, or either only for the purpose of pure innovation.

Some of the latest innovations have truly revolutionized the automobile industry. It has in fact transformed the complete concept of transportation. However, there is still a lot of untapped potential that needs to be utilized in order to change the industry even more.

Future Technology Of Cars

It is still a matter of speculation but Google self-driving car technology has indicated us that there is a lot more to come. Here is what the experts have anticipated about the future technology of cars.

Communication between cars

Automobile tycoons are looking forward to technologies that would enable cars to communicate with other cars and the objects around them. This would significantly reduce the number of accidents as the car would have the ability to warn drivers about potential collisions beforehand. It may even have the capability to apply the brakes automatically in order to avoid such accidents. A technology termed V2V, vehicle-to-vehicle communication is being tested recently.

Augmented reality dashboards

GPS technology is already established that has made the entire process of navigation much easier. In near future, cars may be able to identify external objects have display information in front of the driver on the windshield.

These are called augmented reality dashboards. The display will overlay data on things that driver will see in real life. For instance, a red box may appear on a car you are approaching so fast. Arrows will appear to show how you must direct the car in order to avoid collision. BMW is already undergoing a research to make this technology a possibility in near future.

Airbags stopping cars

We already have airbags installed in our cars but developers are trying to take this technology to a whole next level. Mercedes is trying to find ways in which airbags are used more actively as a part of the safety measure.

Automobile experts are trying to look out ways where airbags might be deployed from underneath the car that will help to stop vehicle before crash takes place. These work in conjunction with sensors that are deployed when an inevitable impacted is anticipated.

Such technology is still not yet under production but an extensive research is being carried out since several years.

Energy-storing body panels

Group of automobile experts in Europe have been researching on body panels that store energy and charge faster than traditional batteries today. Such panels are manufactured out of carbon resin and polymer fiber that are strong enough to be molded into panels. It even reduces the car’s weight considerably.

This technology would help to reduce the size of hybrid batteries and would also reduce energy wastage to a large extent. Companies like Toyota is looking forward to this technology and actually trying to capture solar energy in such panels. Such a ground-breaking technology would revolutionize the entire industry.

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