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A Unique ICO Could Be the Future of Everything

There’s a new ICO on offer and it has an interesting potential for investors. Conn3x is one of the first cryptocurrencies to create a truly effective method of distribution. And it comes from the most obvious, and unlikeliest, of places: contract-based labor. 

It’s no secret that sites such as Fiverr and Upwork are totally changing how business is done. It’s also no secret that there are many inherent flaws in this system. One of them is the overwhelming cost for human resources and recruiting. 

ICO Could Be the Future of Everything

Conn3x has come up with an ingenious solution that also solves another huge problem within the contract-labor market. It automates the hiring process using an AI system, which saves on time. And, time is the most valuable and limited resource in business. 

Basically, this platform allows users the option of working with James JobButler. This advanced AI helps match contractors to potential jobs that match their skills and background. It also sets meetings, creates contracts, and monitors good and bad behavior. 

People are awarded Conn3x cryptocurrency in exchange for using the platform and playing by the rules. Breaking the rules can also cost you valuable coins. So, instead of relying on recruiters and user feedback, the system actually directly punishes and rewards behavior accordingly. 

Contractors who use the platform are paid using real money, but everyone involved in the transaction earns coins in the process. This is an ingenious method of blockchain distribution, especially considering that freelance labor is a global phenomenon.  

Conn3x has certainly created a revolutionary tactic, which is what makes this ICO so interesting. There are many questions that come to mind when considering the full implications of the platform, however. For one, is it wise to completely automate the hiring process? Isn’t there a need for a human factor here, one that takes into account the development of character over time? 

Not everyone starts out at the top of their game. That is true for both contractors and the businesses who hire them. So, could entry-level workers and entrepreneurs be at a disadvantage in such a system? Likely so, unless measures are put in place to consider these factors. 

Users can opt out of working with James JobButler, choosing to use the platform manually instead. Even this has its drawbacks. If everyone else is using the automation, those who aren’t could be missing out on the best jobs. Personal choice is often limited by collective choice, but that is the nature of all change. 

Despite these concerns, this does represent a potentially huge shift in the entire way our world functions. Cryptocurrencies could actually displace the centralized system of money, creating a currency that is freely accessible by everyone. The rise of freelancing does exactly the same thing for the labor market. It makes perfect sense to combine the two, and then to automate that process. Whether or not the change is a wise one will have to be revealed in time.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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