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What to Look for in the Best Recruitment CRM for Small Businesses

As a whole, Americans tend to cherish small businesses. According to Gallup Polls, 70% of Americans have confidence in small operations while only 21% feel the same about larger concerns. Most importantly, now more than ever, people prefer to be employed by smaller companies. So why is it that larger operations are snapping up the best staff?

Best Recruitment CRM for Small Businesses

Two reasons are deep pockets and name recognition, both of which help attract highly qualified employees. However, not all hope is lost for the ambitious small business owner. You can still increase the size of your net by utilizing Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) programs.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the best recruitment CRM for small business, there are some questions you can ask yourself as you shop for the perfect program for your business:

What Does the Program Offer, and Does the Cost Justify It?

Often, smaller companies need to economize. There are a lot of different pricing options from free to rather spendy, depending on your available cash flow. Free options are often more viable if you are hiring just a few employees and don’t need to maintain the service for very long. These programs are specially geared toward unskilled positions.

Paid service providers, on the other hand, typically charge $4-$120 per month for each user or a one-time fee of $200-$1,500 per user. That being said, there is a wide variety of payment options depending on what each program offers. Therefore, you should research key features carefully and understand what they entail and how they may help your business grow.

Is the Program Geared Toward the Type of Candidates I Seek?

Small businesses are often “specialists” that operate in niche markets. As a result, there is a possibility that you may be looking for someone with a very specific skill set.

If this is the case, take a close look at the job description template before signing on. 1000 job descriptions may seem like a lot, but if you don’t get an exact fit, you may be inundated with resumes you don’t want or have time to look through.

Also, the particular job boards that a CRM system targets is important. A wide net is usually good; for example, 150 or more free and premium sites will reach a lot of potential applicants. This is especially suitable for unskilled positions.

However, some services maintain direct links to niche job boards that may be needed if you are trying to close in on an elusive candidate.

Is the Program Easy for the Average Beginner to Understand and Navigate?

This point is critical for small business owners because they usually don’t have a committed headhunter to help focus efforts. However, most CRM programs do have a free trial period, so this is an opportunity for you to see how they can help you narrow your cast.

The best CRM programs should give you a fairly good picture of what each candidate has to offer. Also consider when assessing a program: Does it have adjustable interview kits and scorecards? Also, will this CRM program easily integrate other applications you may need, such as background checks and specific skill assessments? These are all qualities to keep in mind, as integrating difficult software can be a time-consuming process.

Finally, the program should make it easy to answer the question, Where are the best candidates coming from? Some systems can give you an edge by helping you pinpoint sites where the professionals you seek are most likely to congregate so you can invest more heavily in those sites.

The Right CRM Program Will Depend on Your Business Needs

Remember, these are just the basics. CRMs vary just as widely as the industries they support. If you research thoroughly, one is bound to meet your business needs.

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