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Buy WoW Classic Gold To Obtain The Level-Best Gaming Experience

Gaming is no more just a way of spending time, it has become more of passion among the youngsters and adults alike. Gamers now are getting more involved in the game, meaning they wish to improve their skills while staying abreast in whichever game they might be playing. Owing to the constant need for adventure and variety from gamers, even the developers are coming up with different game versions and upgradations. And one such game that has been wining hearts since its inception is World of Warcraft (WoW), which has been developed in eight variants by Blizzard Entertainment till date.

WoW Classic Level-Best Gaming Experience

  • The Burning Crusade, launched in Jan 2007;
  • Wrath of the Lich King, launched in Nov 2008;
  • Cataclysm, launched in Dec 2010;
  • Mists of Pandaria, launched in Sept 2012;
  • Warlords of Draenor, launched in Nov 2014;
  • Legion, launched in Aug 2016;
  • Battle for Azeroth, launched in Aug 2018;
  • Shadowlands, launched in Nov 2020.

However, the Classic version of this game was also released by the developer in 2019 that allowed the gamer to once again experience the original WoW game before its first expansion, though with some upgradation and tweaks. WoW Classic is a hugely multiplayer online role-playing game rooted in the Warcraft world. The game kicks you off on expeditions while leveling up the character and puts forth boundless chances in the universe for events such as Player versus Player (PVP), trading, raiding, dungeons, and professions.

Apart from making you nostalgic about the original game, the Classic version is packed with upgrades and improvements like:

  • Up-to-date server architecture for improved overall gameplay;
  • Smoother graphics experience in comparison to Vanilla WoW;
  • Access to social features.

As we know, money is a pivotal asset in the WoW game and is composed of 3 kinds of coins, namely; copper, silver, and gold. The smallest denomination among these is copper pieces whereas gold pieces bag the highest one. And this works on the conversion stats, meaning, obtaining 100 copper pieces will give you 1 silver piece, and likewise, gaining 100 silver pieces will give you 1 gold piece. In WoW Classic, the key in-game currency is WoW Classic Gold. WoW Classic Gold enables the gamer to purchase mounts (which make moving around easy and efficient thus making them quite expensive), gear upgrades, bags, products essential for herbalism & alchemy, materials, reagents to level up your skills, and so much more. Nonetheless, it is way more difficult to make Classic WoW Gold in the newest variant. It can only be farmed gradually by the means of looting gold from opponents, quest rewards, vending items to sellers, or obtaining WoW Classic Gold from professions. And striking the elusive gold max level is one of the dream and the eventual achievement any player of WoW Classic dream of and obviously because of plethora of opportunities it brings along.

That being said, it is quite obvious that possessing Gold while playing the game is of the highest significance. Thus, this gets us to the age-old question that pops up in our mind – How does one obtain WoW Classic Gold?

Well, in WoW Classic, one can obtain gold by a number of ways. So, let us jot down the options that can help you earn gold.

1. Auction House

The Auction House (AH) is among those hidden gems that can assist one in achieving loads of gold in the game. Though, a few players might find it to be quite uncertain technique of earning gold, some of do like and follow it. The basic funda of this is: “buy low, sell high.” Yes, all you need to do is purchase the products that are itemized with cheaper than normal values and then trade them for higher prices. If you are the one who would opt for this technique of earning gold, we recommend of installing few AH add-ons beforehand.

2. Mob farm

The effectiveness of Mob farm method will rely on the player’s class and gear. There is merely one class that will not experience any issue farming enormous mob packs and that is the mage. Only spam blizzard spell on mobs. Pulling packs won’t be possible for other classes, though will pleasantly farm mobs one after another. This will be more comfortable method for the ranged classes. But anyway, one cannot do away this farming technique if they are intending to obtain some gold with crafting.

3. Farming the Sits

Sits are composed of silk and iron. This is a 100% sure-shot method to obtain your basic riding mount by level 40 without any problem. An extremely vital aspect to take into consideration is that drink and food are utterly costly, and one can result in expending loads of gold as they keep leveling up in the game.

4. Selling your spells

When it comes to making gold, mages have one more benefit. They can trade portals! In Classic, mages are actually supreme in several features of the game.

5. Professions

Another way of making gold is to trade items that you have been gathering or crafting. For instance, if the player has chosen skinning as their profession, they can do leather farming and then just trade it in the auction house. They can also make some items from the farmed leather through leatherworking and vend it.

If you ask us for the best suitable professions that can help the players in making gold at a better rate, go for jewel crafting, blacksmithing, or alchemy. These are among the simplest professions. Also, the players can take up two professions at a time. This will help then farm and craft more items, ultimately having more to sell at Auction House and more to earn. Few of the professions that can be combined are as follows:

  • Skinning + Herbalism
  • Tailoring + Enchanting;
  • Skinning + Mining

Thus, these are the traditional methods of earning gold in WoW Classic as one cannot actually find any tricks or cheats to earn gold the moment one would be requiring it. Though, there is one way of obtaining gold. What is it? All you need to do is buy WoW Classic Gold for a renowned and reliable site. As Blizzard does not offer any tokens or other means of buying gold from the platform, the player will require buying it from different websites. But we would suggest of doing a background check before buying it from any site. Don’t just fall prey to spammers messaging you in-game about buying gold from them.

Why buy gold?

Leveling up can be a tiresome and equally time-consuming task in the Classic World of Warcraft. And obviously, not everyone would be wishing to wield that much efforts to merely keep going through the farming motions. Buying gold will help the player save so much of time that can be utilized to experience the game to fullest rather than doing the repetitive tasks.


The World of Warcraft Classic version of the game presents the hardcore fans of WoW more than just sheer nostalgia. It is a worthy game to be reckoned with that offers an exclusive experience to the players. Though it is actually a sincere redevelopment of favorite version 1.12 of WoW dating back to 2006, it has some tweaks up its sleeve making its long-awaited launch worthy. So, just buy gold to have a barrier-free experience and live the game to its fullest.

Rutuja Bhegade
Rutuja Bhegade
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