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What Makes Esports Tournaments Worth Watching?

Well, where does one begin? There are so many reasons why esports and its tournaments are so exciting! But, first of all, some of you may be wondering what esports is exactly. So don't worry friends, we've got you covered!

Esports is the exciting merger of sports and video games, where professional players compete against each other for huge prizes!

Although some people are hesitant about calling esports 'real sports' since there is no physical exertion, the fact remains that esports requires tremendous amounts of skill, practice, profound knowledge of the game etc., as much as 'real sports' do. 

Furthermore, conventional sports, like football and basketball, are also considered games, so the two cannot be far off.

The reasons why esports is so exhilarating are also very similar to why conventional sports are so exhilarating! Which are: watching your favourite team compete and play their best for a chance at prestigious trophies and massive prizes; watching your favourite game being played with awe-inspiring skill; and cheering for your team with groups of like-minded fans!

An Undeniably Lucrative IndustryThe Profitable Side of Tournaments

The popularity of esports and its tournaments translates to an unbelievably profitable business! And, for the professional players that compete, a well-paying job! There are so many esports tournaments happening out there every year! There is some serious money being won in these tournaments; currently, the highest-paying esports game would definitely be Dota 2! The prizes for Dota 2 tournaments are generally in the multi-millions! That's amazing!

But that's not all! Some other of the most popular esports around also offer some impressive prizes! Firstly, we'd be careless not to mention League of Legends, whose tournaments also offers prizes in the millions! 

Then there's Fortnite, who also holds tournaments that awards prizes in the millions! 

Last but not least, there's CS:GO, that hosts several tournaments which accumulates to multiple millions in prizes!

Top Tournaments Awarding Prize Money

But, what's the point of talking about money if we don't also talk about numbers?! How can we speak about jaw-dropping prizes if we don't even mention their amounts?! We know, we know, and that's why we're going to list the top 3 tournaments that award the biggest prizes! 

So, let's get going, shall we?

  1. The International: the world-famous Dota 2 tournament that, year after year, has been awarding professional players with the biggest cash prizes in esports history! The 2018 International had a total prize pool of $25.5 million! The     tournament was won by the Dota 2 team OG, which won $11.2 million!
  2. League of Legends World Championship: this is probably the most popular tournament on the list, since so many fans     watch this League of Legends tournament live! Its prizes also offer a pretty penny: the 2018 edition of the competition had a total prize pool of $6.5 million! That tournament was won by the League of Legends team Invictus Gaming, winning $2.4 million!
  3. Fortnite Fall Skirmish Series: Fortnite has been picking up the pace in the esports scene, and its awarding millions in cash prizes simply proves it! The 2018 edition of this Fortnite tournament had a total prize pool of $4 million, with the     winning Fortnite team, Dusty Dogs, earning $1.5 million!

Watching These Exhilarating Tournaments

This brings us to an end of our exciting, but brief ride through the world of esports tournaments! But, we bet that you have that pesky question burning in your mind: "how do I watch these tournaments?" Well, that's easy one, friend! You can find the calendar of the next esports matches on, so that you can check how to watch these tournaments online, whether it's Dota 2, League of Legends, Fortnite, etc. Yes, it's that easy!

Brian Flores
Brian Flores
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