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What Makes Buying A Washing Machine In India Better Than Other Parts Of The World?

A washing machine is essential for anyone looking for convenience. All across the world, the demand for washing machines has grown in the recent years. This can be attributed to rising incomes, and the fact that the demands of the 21st-century workplace make doing laundry a luxury for most people. India has not been left out of this growing demand for washing machines. Most Indians looking to buy washing machines usually have the option to either buy locally or import. While the latter has its advantages, it is a lot more advantageous to buy your washing machine in India. For context, here is what makes buying a washing machine in India better than other parts of the world.

Washing Machine In India

  1. It’s much more convenient

Importing goods is not an easy process. Whether you are importing goods into India or any other country, your goods need to go through customs checks. Besides, they have to be transported from a different country, which means they take time before they arrive. Depending on the mode of transport, goods can take anywhere between 48-hours and 3-weeks. This is not convenient, especially if you need your washing machine quickly. You would be better off visiting your local store and walking off with a washing machine. Even better, you can order one online. India has a well-developed e-commerce market, and you are likely to have your washing machine delivered on the same day that you order. Still on convenience, washing machines like all other electronic devices, sometimes have faults on delivery. With a local dealer, you can simply take it back, and get another one on the same day. With an imported one, you probably have to go through a process that could take weeks.

  1. Quality is the same

India is a key player in the global economy, and most global brands have operations in India. In essence, if product quality is your main concern, you can get the same from your local dealer. For instance, if you fancy a German-made washing machine, chances are that most of the best German washing machine brands have a presence in India. Just do a quick internet search for the best washing machine in India and you will find details about most of them. As such, it makes sense to buy locally and enjoy the convenience of a quick delivery, rather than order one abroad and wait for days or weeks for it to arrive.

  1. You promote local entrepreneurs

When you buy a washing machine from an Indian dealer, it means that you are keeping a local entrepreneur in business. By extension, these entrepreneurs employ other people, and this keeps the economy growing. You also help preserve India’s foreign exchange reserves. Quite the opposite happens when you choose to do a direct import. You may save a few dollars on the importation, but you will only be contributing to driving up unemployment rates in India. As a responsible citizen, you would be better off shopping locally, get the same quality product, while promoting the economy.

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