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3 Ways People Ruin their Workers’ Compensation Claim

When you’re injured at your workplace, workers’ compensation offers some benefits and monetary payments to recover the expenses related to your medical treatment and related things, while you take leave after the accident. Then, just because you have access to workers’ compensation, it does not imply that the insurance provider will release payments when you need it the most. Even if they pay you, the compensation amount may be reduced to a considerable extent.

According to an article published on, when you sustain an injury on the job, you need to fill out a form and some US states require you to report the incident within a month or so. Read on to learn about how workers can ruin their claim.

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  1. Waiting for treatment

After an on-the-job injury, you think of waiting for the treatment to check whether your condition improves before seeking medical attention. It will not only affect your health but also ruin your workers’ compensation claim.

Following the mishap, you will need a medical report to establish your claim. Therefore, document your accident and injury as soon as possible. It would help you get covered fast. Schedule an appoint with your doctor and inform that you were injured while working and corroboratewith your employer for billing reasons as per claim.

  1. Furnish a recorded account of your injury without legal consultation

An initial legal consultation with a lawyer is usually free of cost and therefore, not getting the same before providing a statement to your employer is one of the greatest blunders people commit. It is more important because your employer and the insurance provider will appoint attorneys to belittle your claim. You can have a word with any Bronx workers compensation lawyer before providing any recorded statement to your manager.

When you consult with a legal professional, it will prevent you from saying anything that will work to your employer’s benefit. If you do not know about the complexities of the law concerning workers’ compensation, it would adversely affect your claim. Avoid saying anything to the insurance company, as that could be used to negate your workers’ compensation benefits.

  1. Fail to report your injury to your immediate manager

You sustain an injury at your place of work but do not report the same to your manager or employer. You have 30 days time to write a written account of the accident to your employer, of course after consulting your lawyer, as discussed in the point above. If you provide a written account after a month, you will end losing on the benefits of workers’ compensation.

Makes sure your recorded statement includes the description of the injury, its severity, cause, and of course the date and time of the accident. You will also need to document any previous workplace injuries. Keep a copy of this document with you for your record. These little things matter a lot when it comes to your workers’ compensation claim.


Make sure you avoid these blunders so that your lawyer can fight for your workers’ compensation claim and give you the maximum monetary benefit you deserve.

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