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What Makes A Good PHP Developer? The Necessary Skills They Must Possess!

When you approach a professional company dealing with digital marketing and online trading, approach a company where you can get complete services related to online marketing.  I don’t say that a single person can handle all the fields.  Well, it is not impossible, but a very difficult situation, because each and every field has its own specialty and requires certain skills which must be fulfilled to accomplish the task perfectly.

A professional company consists of a set of experienced and talented professionals who are knowledgeable in their respective fields.  It may contain professionals dealing with digital marketing, a team to design website, a team to develop PHP, etc.  Each and every member has equal importance, and only when all of them do their jobs perfectly, the whole task will accomplish successfully.  You can find such good team in Gold Coast Company.  Visit their website to check out the services provided by them, and you won’t regret as you are assured of complete services prevalent in the market today.

Good PHP Developer

WordPress for SEO operations

Normally, a professional company uses WordPress for SEO operations. When SEO is done using WordPress, the task can be done very smoothly and fast as WordPress works using PHP and MySQL languages. WordPress supports its users in updating the contents of the website.  One can add or remove the content easily as per the requirement.   No wonder even if the platform is good, your project will be a success only if PHP scripts are well written.  The person writing the PHP scripts is known as PHP Developer.  Whether the PHP developer is working independently or in a company, he/she should have some basic skills.

Let us now learn the skills required to be perfect PHP Developer:

  • Eligibility: The person has to have a qualification of B. Tech from Computer Science to become a PHP Developer. A person who has completed BCA is also eligible.  However, apart from degree, even experience counts.
  • Knowledge: There is no limit to acquiring knowledge. Today, the world is very competitive.  You won’t find entry-level jobs.  One solution is that work as an assistant under an experienced PHP developer. However, the following are some of the basic requirements of knowledge:
    • The person should have knowledge about various client-side scripting languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, etc. apart from PHP. You are never known when you will have to use your knowledge in your work.  So a basic knowledge is always appreciable.
    • The person should be aware of OOPS Concept because PHP follows many of OOPS Concept. OOPS, the concept refers to Object-oriented programming which is a type of computer software programming.  Here the programmers have to define the data type of a data structure, along with types of operations which have to be applied to the data structure.  He/She should also know how to make better use of the concepts.
    • He/She should have a thorough knowledge of how PHP can be inserted in the frameworks.
    • A database is a collection of data. So PHP developer should know how to connect PHP with various database management tools like Oracle etc.
    • Thorough knowledge of content management systems like WordPress.
  • Understanding: The person should understand the requirement of the client. Based on the requirement he/she should use their skills.
  • Good communication skills: You should have excellent communication skills to express your views with the client.  No matter how good you are at developing the software, if you are not able to convince the client of your work, the whole exercise will be a waste.
  • Time management: Normally, some projects related to software development require time.  In case you as a PHP developer are handling more than one project, then you will have to manage your time and work accordingly.  Remember a work or task done within the stipulated time is always appreciable.  It will serve the purpose also.
  • Open to new skills: As and when new technology is launched in the market, take some time out of your regular work and try to learn things.   Just because you know some things won’t help you.  To be in the race, you should be aware what is happening in your surroundings.

Basically, the job of a PHP developer ends after writing PHP script.  But sometimes, there are chances of rectification also.  In that case, the assistance of PHP developer is required.  There are two types of situations- once the PHP developer develops good script, how to make use of the script depends on professionals who work on digital marketing and second situation is where the digital marketing professional may plan the action required to improve the SEO and based on that the PHP developer writes the needed PHP script.  Both the situations are applicable.

PHP development is only a small task, whereas the SEO is the more significant task.  The professional dealing with SEO should be well aware of market conditions.  How well he/she makes uses of the information and technology decides the success rate.  Improving your revenue levels by increasing SEO rating is a very complicated task.  So, to improve the revenue levels, the SEO professionals should gather information related to following points:

  • Ascertain who the customer would be.
  • Ensure the product/services are excellent and unique in nature.
  • Regular correspondence with the customers will rectify the issues related to the products/services. Based on the information and recommendations, the changes can be brought in the product or services.  If that is not possible, how it is presented in front of the customer can be amended.
  • Earning revenue should be a continuous process. Today you earn revenue and tomorrow there is none, then it is not a good sign.  So always see that your revenue sources are continuous in nature.  So, sales are important, but marketing plays a significant role and remains in the heart of the general public.
  • Understand the customer’s psychology first and then make marketing strategy accordingly. The marketing strategy may be good, but if the customer appropriately receives it, then all the above exercise becomes waste.

Hopefully, you have got to learn a lot from this post. I wish that you have now gathered sound knowledge about the skills which are required to become a professional PHP developer. Subscribe to our blog channel for more updates.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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