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What Kind Of Poker Player Are You?

If you want to become a good professional in the poker world, you will have to be clear about what kind of player you are and what kind of player are the rest of your opponents. Analyzing the rest of the players by type of player is vital to develop one style of play or another. If we use a type of game adapted to each situation we will have much more chances to win the game we are developing.

Kind Of Poker Playe

To help you, with the help of Pokerhub poker experts we are going to show you a list of the types of poker players that currently exist. This will make it easier for you to know what type of player you are and your opponents.

1- Rock player

It is a type of player who is characterized by barely playing. It is a type of player who takes little risk and only plays when the cards are really good and therefore knows that he has a good chance of winning the hand.

He is a player who seems to be standing still, but when he acts he is giving us the signal that his cards are really very good and consequently the probability of winning is low.

It is a type of player who only seeks to make money through naive players who sometimes overvalue their cards. This means that a rock player does not fall for bluffs. If a player makes the mistake of bluffing at the wrong time, he will lose a lot of money.

2- Player el Nit

In a way it can be defined as a somewhat softer player than the Roca player. Even so, he only goes when the cards are good, which means that the vast majority of hands are abandoned.

This type of player learns a series of initial hands and if the cards do not match the table they have in their head, they directly quit waiting for the right combination.

The problem is that sometimes after the flop this type of player realizes that the game does not always go as expected. In that case, the player does not know very well how to act. If you are this type of player be very careful with the flop to avoid big losses.

3- Weak tight player

It can be defined as a type of player who does not know how to play in moments of aggressiveness. This name is given to the player who in a certain way is afraid to take slightly risky decisions.

The player stands out for withdrawing in the moments when the other players bet on an aggressive technique. They withdraw out of fear and because they don’t know how to deal with the problem. If you are not this type of player, but you have it in front of you, it can be a good option to be selective and aggressive.

4- Player the Tag

It can be said that this is the king of styles. As we read in the article of Deportista 10 about the best Spanish players in history, we realize that almost all are Tag players.

It is a tight player, that is, aggressive. This type of player looks for weak players to beat them easily. It is a type of player who also has problems when playing against other Tag style players. However, playing directly against another player of this style can help you learn a lot.

5- Manic Player

It is important to note that this type of player stands out for being wild. This means that he is very selective and aggressive. To give you an idea, it is a type of player who sees the game as a war and not as a game of strategy.

In the vast majority of occasions players who bluff fall into this style. If you like to bluff every so often, you will most likely fall into the group of maniacal players. The problem with this type of player is that in many occasions they don’t know very well how to react when they really don’t have good cards and the rest of the players go ahead because they don’t buy their bluffs.

6- Player calling stations

It stands out for being a passive player who plays many hands and in most cases tries to go as far as possible, even if the hand is not the right one.

Beating this type of player is quite easy. It is important not to bluff because it is very likely that they will follow you and leave you in the ditch. You should only follow if you have a good hand because in this case you will have a chance to win the game. If you play passively against them, you will probably have more chances to win the game. Calling stations like to give away free cards. This way you can see for free if it is a good option to continue with the play or wait for a better option.

7- Donkey Player

As its name indicates, it is a donkey player. This means that this name is given to the player who does not know very well how he will react. In the vast majority of occasions it is not known how the donkey player is going to act.

In a way they are players who usually see at all times that the other players are bluffing. They are quite difficult to control because you don’t know how they are going to act.

Because the donkey player usually has a rather absurd style of play, he can mislead the other players. As it is not easy to know what their intentions are, at the least opportune moment they can overtake us from the right. For this reason, if you identify a donkey player you will always have to be very careful with him. You will not know where he is going to come from, so he can give you a negative surprise for any reason.

As you have seen, there are different types of poker players. Not only should you know what type of player you are, you should also know what type of players you have at the table.

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