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What it Takes to Succeed in The Vacation Rental Business

Now that America has gone back to work, the natural result is vacation destinations are booming. As such, vacation rental properties have boomed, experiencing fantastic growth in the last couple of years. But, as opposed to hotels, today’s travelers want the comfort, convenience, and square footage offered by condos and Airbnbs.

Succeed in The Vacation Rental Business

The market is competitive, requiring planning, dedication, and an understanding of how to stand out from the rest of the homes up for rent. So, how do you make your condo or home succeed in the marketplace? Truly, it’s a combination of marketing your vacation rental, understanding the consumer, and providing an amazing experience for your guests. 

Who Are You Targeting? 

To succeed in the vacation rental business, it’s imperative that you understand your target market. What guests do you consider a perfect fit, and what do they prefer in a vacation rental? Use surveys after each visit and market research to determine their needs and expectations and tailor your property and services to that audience. With this information, you’ll be able to make intelligent decisions about pricing, amenities, and how to market to this group. 

The Perfect Guest Experience

You may have heard the expression, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” The same holds true for guests. Guest satisfaction will make or break a rental’s success. Owners must consistently provide amazing experiences that go above and beyond what visitors expect. While it’s expected that the unit be clean, maintained, and equipped with the basic supplies, the proactive owner will provide the not-so-common items like high thread count sheets, reliable Wi-Fi, games and books, and beach chairs and toys. Owners should also strive to provide immediate feedback to queries and amazing customer service that builds relationships and fosters repeat bookings. 

Make The Most of Your Listing

The listing is the first window to your unit, and it needs to grab a reader’s attention and draw them in. To do this, your listing should be interesting, chocked full of information, and have great pictures. Hire a professional to come in and showcase the best features of your property. Don’t think that your iPhone pictures are going to suffice. With these pictures, provide detailed captions that highlight all the things that make your property special. Be upfront and honest about rates, particular policies, and any added fees that might apply. Update the calendar and availability regularly to stay accurate and relevant. 

Spreading the Word 

Targeted marketing is the number one best way to drive new bookings to your site. There is no one way that’s best, but there are multiple ways to try as you reach the perfect mix. It’s always a good idea to list on popular platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, and, but they get a large cut and often drive customers away. They go there looking for multiple properties in one place, then look elsewhere to find the same property without the built-in fees. With this in mind, create a website that showcases your property with a current calendar that is updated every time you get a booking. Social media and membership in various local groups are advised as they target people looking to vacation in your area. Ask and use testimonials on the website and as posts on social media. 

While not necessarily a full-time job, promoting your vacation rental takes work and persistence. But by saying what you provide, providing it, and following up, you can obtain a steady flow of visitors to keep your unit full as much as you desire. 

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